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For many years I hid behind a MASK of pain.
I was a brilliant actress, but it was a FACADE.
I wore a fake smile on my face. Inside I was
BROKEN and my spirit was TORN. My pain
inside reached a boiling point and my ILLUSION
of happiness came to an abrupt end. And I cried
a tsunami of tears. The mask CRACKED and came 
crashing down. Only then did I start to
heal from years of mental and sexual abuse.
I am FLAWED and IMPERFECT, but I love and
accept myself, my flaws and all. When I fell in love
with the broken little girl inside, healing came like
an avalanche in my soul. If one person is moved to
break their silence of abuse, then sharing my story
was worth it. The main thing I want to convey to 
anyone reading this, it was not your fault. You were 
a victim. Your pain doesn't define you. It is battle scars; 
you can rise above a shameful past you're victorious, 
my friend. Tell your story to heal and inspire others.

Contest: Flawed
Sponsor: Constance La France

Copyright © Alexis Y.