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Food for Thought

I love food. Sometimes a little much!

Food for Thought 
By Jan Beaumont ©?

Each country has food that they're known for
Their own local dish you might say 
Some are delicious and some a bit strange
And some I'd just think 'oh no way!'

The Chinese of course have their dumplings 
They love their pad thai in Bangkok
In Jamaica there's salt fish and ackee rice too
And most people like food from a wok.

They enjoy suckling pig in Korea 
There are burgers in old USA
There's a prawn on the barbie in Aussie
And Italians eat pizza each day.

I have tried tasty frog's legs in Paris
But I didn't enjoy escargot
A tandoori chicken in Delhi's just fine
And black pudding in Scotland's a go!

I really enjoy a Greek salad
A hot bowl of pho in Saigon
Yakatori's a great way to eat in Japan
About food I could go on and on. 

Of course there's roast beef in old Blighty
Consumed with a great Yorkshire pud
And smothered in gravy on Sundays
Could anything else be that good?

I love a nice tasty Welsh rarebit 
In Canada they eat poutine 
We live in one huge worldwide kitchen
I'm sure that you know what I mean.

But now we're back home in New Zealand
With our hangi, our pies, L&P,
Vogels bread and our great kiwi icecream
There is no place that I'd rather be!

Copyright © Jan Beaumont