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The best feeling of the day
is when I wake and pray...
someone may say," Why pray?"
" Are you going to be a monk like Jay?"
Another discourages me by saying,
" He spends hours on his knees getting
bruises that don't heal fast, they only acerbate;  
is it worth the sacrifice to be celibate? "  

I would reply to this idiot with this line,
" You live without faith, what inspires you to live? "
Idling time away in a rocking chair with nothing to give,
you think that living is friends, no love until you die!
Have you woken up and thought, " Why am I alive? "
" Where's the best feeling of the day...making you thrive? " 
Lazy, lazy man get off that chair and get a life,
do yourself a favor...go out there and help others!
Greedy, greedy man spend some money...get rid if those rags! 
Who would want to be your friend? Don't even think of a wife!

The best feeling of the day
comes to me when the morning breeze makes me breathe and hope,
and overjoyed by every heartbeat, it brings vibrant life to my blood;
I praise, I praise Him and worship His creation by bowing my head...
faithless, faithless man pray
and feel what I feel each dawn....ready to face any challenge and cope!  

You rather deny His existence and live by Man's ways seeking vain things...
blind, blind man where do you stand?
Your empty bottles pile up as trash and your breath stinks!
Lonely, lonely man without any friend,
get off booze and drive the demons out of your dark soul...
come outside and feel alive by breathing new air and begin to love!

The best feeling of the day
comes with the rising of sunlight,
when waves break on rocks and bubble...
that's when I stroll in the cool sand and watch a kite
reaching a golden cloud that the passing wind loves to tickle;
and like that flapping kite: I would fly away! I would fly away!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci