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Some poems I can’t comprehend I struggle reading to the end Flaunting a complex word Its usage quite absurd No comments not e’en from a friend! I love learning new words on soup but get frustrated when I see poems peppered with long words, especially when trying to force rhyming and the words don't make any sense at all in context to the subject! PLEASE SOUP ME ME YOUR POEM AND I'LL ADD IT TO THE POEM Those pompous poets totally bore us With clever words like 'radiciflorous' But what you should know Those words they borrow From the pages of Roget's Thesaurus WRITTEN BY LIN LANE Ben gobbled a dictionary whole and verbal diarrhoea took its toll Now he's spewing words flowing like loose turds I hope he’ll regain vowel control! WRITTEN BY JAN ALLISON - INSPIRED BY LIN'S POEM! These wordy poems they are making I find discombobulating The syllable count Continues to mount As their egos are greatly inflating. WRITTEN BY GARY SMITH Jake ate the whole encyclopedia Then it was covered by the news media An instant wordsmith But it was a big myth Now he’s in a state of Acedia WRITTEN BY ALEXIS Y There was a poet on here called Fred Flynn Composed a verse about scabies and gin Was poem of the day To everyone's dismay It should have gone in 'soups' recycle bin. WRITTEN BY TOM CUNNINGHAM A pompous poet always thinks he's right And stays up making rude comments all night With rude words that spit and spew The idiot has no clue That all of His poems need a rewrite WRITTEN BY TANIA KITCHIN I've got a good word but wait let me see Possibly change two syllables to three Your big pompous ass Craps sweet sassafras Insults disguised as complimentary WRITTEN BY TIM SMITH KEEP IT SIMPLE Using words with hidden meanings is for those with intellectual leanings Poems that are complicated are strictly over-rated Give me a poem with simple gleanings. By: Carole O’Terry Duet Copyright: 12/31/2018 “All Rights Reserved” 12/29/18

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