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Fizzling out

What does it take to write a poem, 
a format, a principle perhaps imagination,
If like me you make it up going along, 
can turn into a leaning conflagration. 

Sparks in the first verse are starting points, 
but might fade out with a whimper,
Thought I had something going there, 
too complicated, let’s try something simpler, 

I need fresh kindling, to create a flash, 
not just latent potential,
Good starting to catch, providing a glow, 
but much more fuel is essential. 

Lightning strike out of nowhere, 
creative thoughts bring more accelerant,
Flames appear radiating tepid heat,
a little crude, requiring elegance. 

This fire is burning all my reserves, 
morphing into a raging inferno,
Now spreading out of control gone wild, 
lacking containment and tempo,

Ok ease off the gas, take deep breaths, 
attempt to regain composure,
Boy almost lost it there, 
must keep in surrounded enclosure. 

On the home straight my poem’s on fire, 
nice and steady, aflame at last, 
Time for crescendo, pull it all together,
along comes a draught.....blast!

David Kavanagh 

Copyright © David Kavanagh