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Blue Autumn

allegro: vermilion fields are history

he's been ill for some time
terminally ill from mysterious origins
sick of all the monsters in the closet

in close proximity of the macabre mansion
peacocks are flying over the hanging gardens
and books are covered with frozen blankets

adagio: ceremony on Monday

down the spectral oubliette 
at the dawn of new dark age
he's pouring absinth
through green flames
it's better to be late
than when it rains

intermezzo: blue leaves falling

still there's a lady in the mirrors
still there's a lady in the lake
he's always searching
for the keys of the piano
for a moonlight 
on black and blue sky

rondo: heart of vine disease

chairs with paws came to life
ran away to stormy night
and walls crashed down without a sound
someone's singing in the front hall
someone's rapping at the back door
there is no one uninvited
no one left to die alone

Copyright © William Greco