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The Fresno Fuzzy Socks And The Chattahoochee Crocs

No-one knows precisely when the rivalry began; 
thirty-two the legend goes; eighteen or nineteen?
It's not clear, nor can it be confirmed.

Apart from once in fifty-nine
For reasons lost in time;
The Fresno Fuzzy Socks
And The Chattahoochee Crocs
Have squared off in heated competition 
every year.

The rules; written on a napkin
from the Rutabaga New Cafe, 
and framed by Fred the Frame
are simple:
Meet once a year on Labor Day
A team of five (ladies now allowed)
Last years winner host, at their expense;
the loser chooses the new challenge,
with no repeats allowed.

Once volleyball, dodgeball, baseball
And almost anything else you can do 
with a ball, bat, feet, head, and arms
Had been exhausted;
The challenges became, let's say;
somewhat bizarre.

In the heat of twenty-nineteen
Snowball fighting was, surprisingly
won by home team, Crocs.
The Fuzzy Socks not anticipating
The commandeering of Carluccio's
Ice truck for the event - nothing in the rules!

The following year the 'Socks
won blindfolded pitch and putt
but by default; when Anna May
Knocked out Birdie Blaire - sliced ball!

Sycnchonised swimming in seventy-three
That was a hoot and nearly came to blows.
A new rule was added, 
sorry, not mentioned earlier:
No competitions that require a judgment call!
More work for Fred the Frame.

The events were friendly; usually!
Oh, there was the cheating scandal
when Crocs; accused of entering a ringer;
Big Red Jock McTavish
in the toothpick tossing challenge
had to provide ID and quickly.
Thank you, Photoshop and Kinkos.

Worm charming in sixty-three went to the Fuzzy Socks
Who won again in sixty-four; Toe wrestling, 
and sixty-five for Cellphone tossing - bad call.
The Crocs finally broke their winning streak, 
when Aldon Ardy; who won Cherry pit spitting, 
became a local hero and invented
Aldons pitless cherry pies!

Embarrassments for both abound;
the Crocs lost Rolling in the Grits
and Fuzzy Socks the raisin flicking.
Yet still, they meet each and every year
passing the challenge on 
to kids and grandkids too
The Fresno Fuzzy Socks
and The Chatahoochie Crocs. 

fuzzy socks and crocs Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Francine Roberts 
Date wrote: 15-June-2021

Copyright © Terry Miller