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A Legendary Love

A legendary tale of love I know
about two very brilliant people who
were soul mates living centuries ago.
They shared much hardship but their love stayed true.
Truth seeker Heloise sought Abelard.
Great teacher of philosophy was he.
But people’s thinking in that time was marred.
Then Heloise got pregnant, secretly
the couple wed, but Heloise was forced
to give her baby up, which broke her heart.
When Abelard was maimed; both were coerced
into monastic lives and lived apart.
Found letters prove their love could never die.
Together in a tomb in France they lie!

March 6, 2020
for Chantelle Anne Cooke's "Your Favorite Legend" Poetry Contest
I guess it's not 100% certain that they are together in that tomb because their remains got moved around. For sure, they are together in the afterlife!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich