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Tree Prose Poems

These Tree Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Prose Tree poems written by international poets.

mr flim flam
Hey son of an evil witch
I got a hitch A big gun of a sitch' 
I saw you kissing Karla  
Under the umbrella of...

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Categories: prose, humor,

radioactive heart
my heart's gone radioactive again
destroying all your dna
corrupting all your genes

my heart's gone radioactive again
tearing apart the molecular bonds
turning acids into alkali
turning blood into water


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Categories: prose, anger,

Premium Member A Black Oak Tree
A noble Black Oak tree stands tall and tranquil 
Wearing brown, old and dried crumpled leaves
Withstanding all autumn and winter storms
Without any distress or any...

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Categories: prose, april, creation, earth day,

In an Evening Wood
In an evening wood, fairies play;
moonlight’s resplendent fingers dance among them.
Only the trees know fairy secrets;
they’re fairy, security systems.

When winter shows its frigid caress, 

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Categories: angel, appreciation, fairy, fun,

About Bees And Birds

Intrigued by the constant hum of the bees
Gathering honey
And the chirping of the singing birds
I left my room and stepped outside;
I found the air had...

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Categories: prose, love,


A young boy in a desert trailer,
wishes inspiration will fall in him,
pitter, patter, like raindrops,
transforming into keytaps,
on the ancient yellow-screened word processor
that was his father's...

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Categories: prose, childhood,

Premium Member A Virginia Spring Morning

As the quiet dew
wet blades of grass grew,
hungry rays of sunlight
slowly consumed 
the last morsels of darkness

Faint echoes of the symphony 
of frogs and crickets

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Categories: prose, animal, bird, imagery, metaphor,

Premium Member A Spring Of Life Celebration

In the consuming time of day
the water of the no longer frozen pond
is again home to a family of ducks
floating quietly in the center, as...

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Categories: prose, animal, beauty, imagery, metaphor,

Paper cuts

Delving in deep
affluent mind of floating words 
Finding them in a jumbled heap
Deeply the waters of my heart stirs
Fumbling feet are my pen that...

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Categories: prose, beach, beautiful, muse, poetry,

he is by your side
his sprit is wide
you see a growing tree
thata heavenly
you see the snow an rain
he is the pain
as it fall he is...

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Categories: prose, adventure, change,

Premium Member Aquarian Moon

Towering barked skeletons
stoically bend, bowing
towards the majestic huge moon
reflecting all of the suns glory
as misty clouds try to shade
her celestial beauty.

As if angered by our...

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Categories: prose, beauty, metaphor, moon, nature,

Valentine's Day
Early morning,

new, deep, snow

sunlit in the Garden,

covering the lonely woods.

Suddenly descending,

a mourning dove flutters,

roosts in the Tree.

There in a mere few moments:

another mourning dove returning,


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Categories: prose, faith, hope, nature, spiritual,

The Prize
The Prize 
The bobber floats, but when it dips, my heart skips for hooked lips. The line tightens, the tug is strong, I reel in....

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Categories: prose, adventure, animal, fishing, imagery,

since genesis
event of paradise lost cause of fruits!
oh! this tree of fruits was woman-the knowledge!
maybe; human wanted to know the mystery of God's secrecy!
but God's warning...

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Categories: prose, how i feel,

King of Peace
My body is a mirror, a vessel plated with crushed diamonds--in the autumn whenever an aspen tree enters through my bedroom window, I try to...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, autumn, gender, happiness,

Aura Star
Aura Star

beneath the rubble throughout
 tumble thimble want to bee
 sought through of curtain wanna be 
 circle through the defiance years to see 

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Categories: prose, art,


When you go deep in your silence, there is nothing can break you but the faint sound of your days and when you read my...

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Categories: family,

Love Came Searching
Man is mortal, a mere worm,
A mist that appears quickly then vanish.
Like a flower that flourishes,
And very soon its beauty withers,
Then its place remembers it...

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Categories: christian, god, life, love,

Overcoming my depression part one
Overcoming my depression.  How can I best accomplish it in the troubled times like these?  Frequently I recite in my mind my favorite...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Dear Little Web-Building Spider

God made you a great weaver.
You listen to God.  You are aware of His presence.
Even though you cannot see well, you...

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Categories: prose, beauty, creation, environment, feelings,