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Mystery Prose Poems

These Mystery Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Prose Mystery poems written by international poets.

The argosy moves along the mystic sea
The air mephilic to the nose
The sky is foggy and gray
The ernes are circling about looking for finny...

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Categories: prose, adventure, mystery, sea,

Epic Prose
Makes me smile to see he's back
In a sentence he embodies a strong spirit, writing is his knack
Counts all syllables, a rose shows in the...

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Categories: prose, feelings, kiss, life,

Premium Member On A Fingernail Moonlight Drive

The fingernail moon laid back 
in its cosmic lounge
teasing the frigid night.

Silent roadside fields
covered in residue snowflakes,
glittered under the reflector’s reflections.

Feeble light sent serene warmth—

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Categories: prose, 8th grade, beauty, cool,

From Angels jump shrapnel,
The wise men of the time gathers them,
Then they hide them at the top of the plopar,
Or on the root of the...

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Categories: prose, allegory, metaphor, poetry, poets,

I'm just saying
I know the love is genuine because you're willing to sacrifice your glory 
I know your passionate about it because your willing to try &...

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, black

Premium Member Love story
Love story

You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your...

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Categories: prose, lost love, love, meaningful,

Is this all
Is this all?

Life is a country, spread before us at birth, its
Vistas stretching beyond the horizon, full of 
Mystery and anticipation. 

In the distance lie...

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Categories: prose, future, life, love, metaphor,

Just another face
in an ever changing crowd,

She winks impishly

--- Played again, and yet again,

She'd surely curse and spit. ---

She chooses Her words carefully

inside the mystery

that people are...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, conflict, confusion, humanity,

since genesis
event of paradise lost cause of fruits!
oh! this tree of fruits was woman-the knowledge!
maybe; human wanted to know the mystery of God's secrecy!
but God's warning...

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Categories: prose, how i feel,

On My Blindness
On My Blindness

I'm going blind;
Blind from picking roses in the graveyard.
Blind from being what I'm not.
Blind from being what I am.

I am losing my sight;

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Categories: prose, angst, anxiety, conflict, confusion,

I would have to pause in trying to remember certain things that I would have experienced or events that happened 20 years ago. On the...

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Categories: change, computer, fear,

Deep into
the bowels 
of existence 
I look.
Deep into
Deep into
Deep into 
reality I stare.
Others stare
Others looking.
Others looking
for answers.
Answers into
Why is there
Deeper I
what’s at 
the core,

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Categories: prose, art,

Before and After Christ Jesus
Before I met you,
I had searched among men,
I had searched among women,
But I didn’t find any of your kind 
I had searched all over in...

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Categories: prose, adventure, christian, jesus, light,

Steer clear
Steer Clear

Unsure of my journey 
But know where I am going 
Even tho my brain is storming 
Discovering new things 
while, Unfolding my fears 

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Categories: prose, america, care, character, fear,

Premium Member Reminiscing About Small Town Life
I unconditionally love the eutony heard by
my soul when I hear certain words.
zing, zip, zeal, zest, zealot, zipper, and z,
are particular favorites, for several sing-songy...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

PRAYER: power or placebo-- part I
Does prayer work? Or is it merely the placebo effect when things get better?Your mind convinces itself you are feeling better and you do. Your...

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Categories: allusion, angst, appreciation, faith,

The greatest mystery
She winks unknowingly

inside the mystery 

people are to each other,

inside the mystery

people are to themselves....

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Categories: prose, mystery, philosophy, religion,

The Purloined booty
I know there's a baby in the house
I see some well placed "Quiet" signs.
It's a registered soft shoe zone,
Complete with books of nursery rhymes.

I spot...

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Categories: prose, baby,

The Monument
The sultry jungle steams its vapid breath
Choking and drowning with humid hate
Life crawls and scurries struggling to and fro
A pyramid of roughly hewn green block...

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Categories: dark, horror, mystery,

Premium Member The Neighbor
She is friendly and as welcoming as anyone in the neighborhood in the spring, outside, in her garden.
She collects neighbors the way anteaters collect ants,...

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Categories: prose, friendship love, irony, mystery,