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Soulmate Political Verse Poems

These Soulmate Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Soulmate. These are the best examples of Political Verse Soulmate poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Separation of Spirits
Unlike natural humane organisms,
like toad
and squirrel
and goldfinch bodies and brains,

Spiritual humane organisms,
like toad
and squirrel
and goldfinch matters and minds,
remain unchanged
by my perception
reception of them v us

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Categories: health, humor, integrity, nature,

Premium Member Natural IntegriTea
"Nature yields to artifice,
not artifice to nature."
Iain McGilchrist

Winning yields to lost and last identity,
not ego-loss to healthier winnings,
more ecosystemically robust.

LeftWing values for transparent
democratic rights
more than...

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Categories: gospel, health, integrity, language,

Premium Member UnSanctuaried Souls
I currently conjoin with AllSouls,
a sacred green communion of saints
and sometimes sinners.

A few live together,
extending families
reaching multiculturally out
through AllSoul roots
regenerating pasts,
transforming future generations
now repressed by...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, community, earth,

Premium Member SoulQueen Questions
Are your customers
your students,
your patients and clients,
your constituents,
cash cows
and potentially bullish runaway viral markets?
Or cherished neighbors
and healthy allies?
Asked the newly retired Queen of Soul.

Are your...

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Categories: caregiving, culture, health, integrity,

Premium Member Earth's Operatic Voices
There have been operatic Voices
in my aria love and tragic fear lives,
each one speaking of epic PermaCultural Paradise hopes,
some actively seeking more cooperatively organized habitat,

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Categories: health, history, mental illness,

Premium Member Wounded CoRedeemers
If you have ever read
and appreciated
either Joanna Macy
or Bill Plotkin
you might also benefit
from reading them together
as they each have also read
the other.

Starting to the EAST

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Categories: caregiving, health, heart, integrity,

Premium Member Health Education Practices
Spiritual practices,
like instinctively natural habits
and customs
and rituals,
teach powers of WinWin healthy intention
and darker powers of WinLose toxic pretensions
of egocentric Selves
and anthrocentric Societies

Anthrogentric Enculturations,
emergent evolutions
of an...

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Categories: caregiving, health, soulmate, spiritual,

Premium Member A Revolving Moment In Time
Each day begins
doing my best
to remember,
to rediscover,
my life as sacred gift,
paid forward by more graceful than clumsy Elders past
of all surviving Creation.

and thereby a blessing.


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Categories: caregiving, health, integrity, love,