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Life Political Verse Poems

These Life Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Life. These are the best examples of Political Verse Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Earth's Superior Wisdom
Revolving Earth knows
from ancient sense-sexual 
life experience

That we,
as global EarthTribe regenerators,
do simultaneously experience
seasons of summer north
and winter south,

That we do
already know
and financially appreciate
dualistic capitalism West

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Categories: culture, health, power, psychological,

Premium Member Sensory Revolutions
It is a longterm scientific revolution:

THAT, despite visual perceptions
to the contrary,
Earth revolves around our light
and heat SunSource,

And not the other way,
Sun daily rounding Earth,
abounds all...

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Categories: earth, environment, green, health,

Premium Member Of Death Then Life
Death and life
are a degenerate/regenerate transformation
of negative/positive energy,
space flowing time's sustaining identity;

Therapeutic transubstantiation
for those with ecopolitical maturity,
to sensory
even sexual, power identify
with all generations before;

And, for...

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Categories: earth, green, health, humanity,

Premium Member Back the Black and Blue
What do you do
when you're a black cop
at a Back The Blue protest
with a Black Lives Matter
in front of you,
to left and right,
and possibly pursuing...

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Categories: health, military, peace, political,

Premium Member Strange Justice Dreams
It is a strange dream
in which an animal rights advocate
is swamped with questions
from Chief Justice Roberts.

A vicious dog,
trained to attack humans 
with politically incorrect audacity

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, humor,

Premium Member Silent UnPrivileged Stories
When I was a Big Brother
for Jason,
an African-American 10 year old male,
we went into his apartment
so he could look around
for a long overdue library book.


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Categories: black african american, culture,

Premium Member Defending Democratic DogLives
Dear Thom the Train
Attorney Page,

Defender of all Creatures
here below
in these DisUniting States
of throwback uncivil disunion,

What is your root foundation
for a constitutional argument
that all living residents

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Categories: culture, dog, earth, health,

Premium Member Fragrance v Odor
My new forest and park neighbors,
mostly birds
and strangely curious 
and ravenous rabbits,

Have become accustomed to,
spoiled by,
fragrant green sanctuary
ancient fertile memories.

But, today
our neighborly horse farm
must be...

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Categories: culture, deep, earth, health,

Premium Member Moving Through Urgent Forests
I claim a sit-spot
in a wildlife sanctuaried forest
just beyond my backyard,

And cycle there
while seeking a primary distinction
between sexual and sensual feelings

Already peddling toward suggestions
my motivations...

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Categories: earth, health, humor, senses,

Premium Member Holistic Therapies
Sacred EarthMother and Child,
bearer and born
to win together,
to not sin apart

No less true for elephants
and dolphins
and humans
and undemocratic sycophants
than owls
and solvent wolves.

Child rightbrain nonverbally born

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, mother,

Premium Member Mutually Assured Destruction
Mutually traumatic relationships,
like co-arising declarations of war,
codependent not listening aggression,
co-nonempathic hatred,
rabidly competitive systems,
nationalistic sociopathology,
pervasively dissociative mental illness,
deliberate maladministration
for growing degenerative subclimates
of mutually assured destruction,

Take us...

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Categories: death, health, life, love,

Premium Member God Is Love Is God
A problem with using scripture
as a spiritual guide

More prominently
more fundamentally
more evangelically
than establishing a relationship with a mentor
a teacher
a spiritual director
between egocentric LeftBrain dominant reading
and ecosystemic...

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Categories: god, health, peace, psychological,

Premium Member RePurposing Anger
At last,
we are angry with each other
which may be a coincidence,
but probably not;

Depending on active faith 
in linear cause-effect relationships,
leftbrain dominant yang powers,

circular dipolar co-arising

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Categories: health, integrity, passion, political,

My Benefactor
Please, Mr. Civil Leader, rule my life
I don’t know how to take care of myself
Limit my offspring, choose my wife
Write me a pamphlet explaining my...

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Categories: anger,

Premium Member Ancient Winter Writers
Approaching winter...

OK, maybe encroaching mid-winter
of life's seasonal span
with resonantly compelling grace,
perhaps even transparent vulnerability,
feels controversial, 
too laissez-faire

Too much courage
in declaring preliminary success
with too little curiosity

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Categories: age, earth, environment, health,