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Allegory Political Verse Poems

These Allegory Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Allegory. These are the best examples of Political Verse Allegory poems written by international poets.

Earth Proceedings
Walks of movements
The work which doesn't work
Man been laboring for centuries 
The irony, no babies
Just endless efforts,
To keep earths momentum running 
From its revolution to...

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Categories: allegory, deep, identity, image,

Earth Proceedings
Earths proceedings 
And stars are witnesses 
Gods the judge, planets spin the tables
From planes to spheres... bang!
They collide like the judges hammer
Knocking, "order in the...

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Categories: allegory, identity, society, world,

Earth Proceedings
Earth spinning and twirling 
O the mother...bending over
For the son, O...
From religion to science 
Science to atheism;
Atheism to the jungle
Going back to ruins,  

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Categories: allegory, character, identity, life,

The Rooster Crows at Noon and other things out of whack
Cackling old hens posing as journalists-
thinking themselves angles of light,
lay poisonous eggs filled with lies 
and gestating hate-
riling against common sense,
and the rooster crows at...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Against sadness
Against  sadness:no-one here must weep
Nor lounge  about in melancholy deep
Was Van Gogh senseless to permit  his muse.
For  even masterpieces ...

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Categories: absence, allegory,

Premium Member Rudolf the Ginger ReignDeer
Rudolf is mysteriously born in a manger
with a flaming red nose,
and eyes,
and ears,
and hair,

Gingers are rare
among his DeerTribe
as is his empathic capacity to know he...

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Categories: allegory, christmas, health, humor,

English prance
A wear- down-

singular slalom in the emotional vortex-

the realism of a realm that doesn't adhere to your biology and doesn't accept the facts at hand,


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Categories: adventure, allegory, analogy, anxiety,

Lion And Lamb
I sat at the shore at the
Break of the day. When the,
Sun steals from the vast curtain of nature,
Peeping through human infrastructures.
When I saw,a lamb...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member PAYBACK

blood oranges oscillate
within plundered peels

squeezed out surreptitiously
bleeding on her heels

clicking brutish jaws
on paper thin walls

the pied piper grins
with greenback gall

HOWEVER...heaven insists,
maligned orange restitution

purification of every...

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Categories: allegory, lust,

Premium Member Tying Up The Second Coming
I was tying up her second shoe
when the second coming came.

The first had been the night before
when the bus demons dropped her off
to say they...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, caregiving,

Premium Member The Gardener and the GunShop Owner
Degenerative issues for the gunshop owner
are also regenerative opportunities from the gardener.

Lack of civil civics lessons slacked 
for small persons made of evil
is also opportunity...

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Categories: allegory, earth, evil, health,

Premium Member Earth's Creation Parables
Once upon successive times of
economic and political revolutions
slow-grown bionic ecosystemic balance
suddenly emerged
where form with functional health potential 
had been submerged.

When Earth
was Yang gusting wind
and surging...

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Categories: allegory, caregiving, creation, earth,

Premium Member Braiding Dawn With Eve
In "Braiding Sweetgrass"
Robin Wall Kimmerer
favorably contrasts Skywoman's creation story 
with Eve's less abundant vocation.

In our shared Right hemisphere,
Skywoman "created a garden
for the wellbeing of all."

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Categories: allegory, creation, earth, gender,

What Happened
Question frequently asked by
those who did not join the liberation struggle

Nothing. When we realized you weren't with us in exile
We invented a rainbow nation but...

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Categories: africa, allegory, allusion, angst,

Me No Speak Latin
Disembarking from the Stygian ship

New arrival:      They just gave me this button and T-shirt. I know what the 

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Categories: allegory, political, satire, war,