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Abortion Political Verse Poems

These Abortion Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Abortion. These are the best examples of Political Verse Abortion poems written by international poets.

NOW casus belli upon the head of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey
NOW - casus belli upon the head of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Greenlighted signal activating
opprobrious rapacious incestuous grievous...
Alabama Human Life Protection Act approved
desecration against women enrages

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Categories: abortion, abuse, age, america,

The Fear Frenzy Makers

While we sit with our coffee and poetry,
The Fear Frenzy Makers burn the midnight oil.
Digging up lies, just anything man!
To stuff up your brain like...

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Categories: abortion, america, anger, perspective,

Premium Member From Where We Stand
If only men could give birth to a child,
do you think and feel
early-term abortions
for healthy sustainable financial reasons
would continue to catalyze RightWing resistance?

If the Second...

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Categories: abortion, gender, health, humor,

I Speak For Me
I Speak For Me

A girl is a girl
A boy is a boy
Babes a blessing
Not a propaganda ploy
I am a woman
A woman I honor to be

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Categories: abortion, america, christian, corruption,

Premium Member Life and Death Rights
Liberal lovers
claim maternal rights 
to reproductive powers of yes and no,
maybe and not yet lives.

While conservative haters
demand paternalistic rights
to purchase and bear deproductive automated powers...

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Categories: abortion, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member What Ever Happened To Birth Control
What ever happened to BIRTH CONTROL?

Thirty million baby girls
murdered since Roe vs Wade.
The streets are lit in pink
they say to celebrate.

Child sacrifice on demand
from conception...

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Categories: abortion, baby, celebration, how

Premium Member Abortions of Choice
It's easy to see
It's more important to be
than pro-choice
if one must prefer to choose
to win or lose 
robust healthy life.

Are you pro-life
or pro-choice?

Pro-choosing resilient...

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Categories: abortion, change, courage, earth,

Common you are not cool
Common sit down you're not cool, quit being a fool.
The Democrat party don't give a care bout Black Lives Matter,  like you they support...

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Categories: abortion, hate, political,

Premium Member Black is black
A diluted individual in creeping Judas  
with upside down words to describe correctly 
in all honesty one worthless blood pressured opinion 
from this twisted...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, atheist, betrayal,

Premium Member Sinn Fein traitors
No longer do they represent or even come close to Catholic values 
they turn their back on those of us held loyal 
with spiritual morals...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, conflict, future,

Premium Member Our Day Will come with justice
A true Irish man with proper values cut from the cloth 
not like those white elephants whom deforming the truth 
Have made a mockery out...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, anti bullying,

Premium Member Rough justice
Those who refuse to violate their religious faith
under the Hippocratic Oath beliefs face loosing their jobs 
if they refuse to participate in aiding killing babies...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, betrayal,

Premium Member Each government body
In them whom voted yes to this complete farce 
they had done so on their on moral grounds 
by not representing those that put them...

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Categories: abortion, conflict, corruption, deep,

Premium Member Parliamentary
Clowns bickering over bullying allegations 
Imagine the hyprocracy 
expressed inside these certain voices 
claiming they are defending the indefensible 
When they stand totally ignorant 

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Categories: abortion, baby, bullying, child

Premium Member Deception
A conscious ruling fact 
truth is the first casualty 
within those claiming to be caring 
in supplying compassionate healthcare
introducing a regulated and safe system
Where it...

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Categories: abortion, child abuse, freedom,

Premium Member Any party
Supporting killing children 
they will never ever get my vote again 
when you abort a baby 
your aborting God from your life 

Non-christian parties
now they...

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Categories: abortion, baby, betrayal, corruption,

Premium Member EarthFirst
America First
speaks a RightWing monocultural intention
currently championed by Trumpians
and Republican Aristocracy of Evangelism 
Tea Partiers,
by xenophobic paranoids
and sociopathic pharisee fascists,
by economically blind
and angry 
terrified shouters;

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Categories: anger, community, fear, happiness,

Premium Member Pushing agendas out there
Take the nerve of this world 
filled with it's selfish war lords 
spreading famine scars remain under the salt 
victim's stories will be passed down...

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Categories: abortion, hate, humanity, pride,

Premium Member Tao of Healthy Climate Care
Nursing and nurturing
can often be used synonymously.
To nurse a baby
is first to nurture a cherished infant.

They share a nutritional history
of healthcare giving
and receiving,
delivered best and...

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member Spelling doomsday back to front
My pen is on fire today 
as I see one word leader 
in particular openly condemn peace 
through his vile vulgar mouth
aggression in words spitting...

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Categories: abortion, anti bullying, betrayal,