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Money Personification Poems

These Money Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Money. These are the best examples of Personification Money poems written by international poets.

Devil's dialogue
Am the devil
Father of all evil
You all here because I am
He leaves you all in my arm
Am the royal god of goodness
Come, my children follow...

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Categories: 10th grade, africa,

Promise Me, Promise You
Falling to the floor, hands touching your own filthy guilt
Too much attention is a lesson I learned, a building no longer Standing still
The weight of...

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Categories: allusion, anger, august, autumn,

Premium Member I Smell So Good
They scoop me up, I smell so good.  Others come, and stand in line. People shifting, impatiently.
They pay money, as cash registers sing happily....

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Bill is my name, fresh-pressed, dressed in all green,
flaunting the face of a president.
I have long been your resident,
resting in your fold.
Envy may be a...

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Categories: giving, green, introspection, meaningful,

Dented Cans, Dented Lives

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Categories: anxiety, community, endurance, family,


It's pay day
Hard-work pays

A fool plays
wasting time

A wise prays
Working without crime

Time is money
Don't take it funny

It's about hard work
sweating on the neck.

Drencho POET Loads

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Categories: work,

Why can't we live free
I’m a tiger you can see,
With colour yellow like a honey bee,
And you’re happy as you’re free,
So why can’t we too live free?

You keep us...

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Categories: animal, beautiful, butterfly, care,

Indian Army
We play holi with colours, 
And soldiers play it with guns and rifles. 
At the risk of their own life, 
They give us comfortable sleep...

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Categories: devotion, emotions, feelings,

Ghetto, ghetto
Ghetto created me
From infant to adult  
Ghetto my home
I'm old now, i see the truth 
Ghetto, Ghetto
I know who you truly are!
And i...

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Categories: absence, betrayal, change, irony,

I shouldn't have looked into you
I still remember the day -
first time she looked into me.
She was quite a beguiling beauty
enriched with miracles of nature.
Within a single look, a connection...

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Categories: humor, irony,

Stanley Russell Harris Me
Stanley Russell Harris (ME)
The new Mad Author

When my books begin to sell.
From, ‘feedaread,’ where they dwell!
And I’m as rich as blinking well…
You know, rolling in...

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Categories: adventure, animal, books, meaningful,

Fool's gold
Was a liar
A very clever one,
People excepted him,
Took him at face value,
Fitted in,
They seemed to like him,
Kept a low key,
Worked undercover,
Got himself a good name,

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Categories: poems,

Premium Member Dacoity

Disarm dirty bastards

Disown disparity

Disempower Wall Street

Disavow the dictate

Demi God of money

Dollars are the diners

Disparaging the poor

29th August Pleiades D

Syllables checked 6 6 6 6 6...

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Categories: money,

Premium Member Moon Flower

Moon flower

You lay on white cotton sheets with the hospital logo imprinted
on the cloth and on the fabric of your life talcum powder for
your bed...

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Categories: addiction, bereavement, caregiving, death

I'd rather be inside doing the baking
Than the one being baked outside in the sun.

I never learned how to barbecue,
As my Dad ran away when...

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Categories: art, beauty, celebration, change,

My Name Is December
My Name Is December

Hello dear one,

I have been a long time coming, but believe me when I tell you, “It’s worth the wait”. I mean...

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Categories: celebration, christian, christmas, december,

Quality TIME-Quality LIFE
Quality TIME-Quality LIFE
I say time is money
I say time is life
I say time is death
I say time is precious
I say time is meaning 
I say...

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Categories: art, desire, dream, self,

Poet - is the
Poets are not those person who comes from heaven
Poets are not different they are also a person like a normal
Everyone is a poet but there...

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Categories: creation, desire, poets,

Charm of Death
Nothing can substitute death
for it is the final destination
and ere you last breath
crystal clear all your abberation.

Rest forever or birth to numb dizziness
as you part,...

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Categories: death, imagination, , atheist,

Premium Member Empress Crown As Queen
I am going on a trip because I need to spend a week away from these aspects.

Don’t burn that money.

Don’t waste it either.

I’ll spend it...

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Categories: beauty, character, environment, fantasy,