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Desire Pastoral Poems

These Desire Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Desire. These are the best examples of Pastoral Desire poems written by international poets.

Can I Give Thanks
Can I give thanks, unto God above
Who is my Saviour, my God, my love
My Saviour true, my Saviour sure
Who washed my sins, and made me...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, desire, devotion,

People come to the gathering
Come read of my adventures
Come all ye and follow me
Read the words I spew
And if you don't believe them true
That's okay...

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Categories: analogy, atheist, caregiving, change,

Premium Member MINISTER MAN

Don't nee no bass or baritone minister man
Don't need no props, echo-chambers or microphones
Don't need loud amps or speakers on

just speak the word
speak the...

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Categories: analogy, confidence, desire, forgiveness,

Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect
In my youth I did not understand the difference between love and lust. Always seeking out Love's location but never to locate. Then...

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Categories: devotion, engagement, first love,

Premium Member PRETTY PASTOR

A man over come with to much wisdom
Shuns  the balances of God
Such highmindedness
To much wisdom, pride, in his decisions
So concited and in flesh

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Categories: abuse, addiction, allusion, appreciation,

'Bee-lief'-for Edmund Spenser
“Bee-lief (For Edmund Spenser)””
(Jamie Brolin)

All over the hollow
Within a pastoral,
Among lawn-scapes,
Turgid shoots of russet
Daffodils sing a tonal song
That transmutes into

‘Bee-liefs’ smell
Choice floral fragrance,
Chosen with whom

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Categories: allegory, aubade, daffodils, desire,

Peace of Mind
You hear about holidays that people hate
Rarely of exotic taste, finding the better fare, 
Cheap enough for travel agents to promote
Such resorts which they advertise...

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Categories: blessing, desire, destiny, health,

The White Rose
The shepherd stood on the field, frail,
He knew not what to do when and why,
As the wrathful sun did steep down,
The confused chap followed his...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty,

Austria, you refresh my spirit like dew refreshes the earth
The flowers of the field are glorified in your country.
Your snow falls so silently as God...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, blessing,

The green village, the colored city, the ever familiar locality
Each path, tree, house, turn, each native I have left behind
But creepers, hedges have entangled with...

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Categories: birth, childhood, memory, youth,

My Love
My Love
Won't you take my arm into yours
And lead me to your secret place
Where all is lost and purity is gained
To that place of isolation

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Categories: desire, devotion, gospel, longing,

Darkness forsakes beings liberty. 
Pain that carry misery. 
Gate of colony power breath of that locked system.
Sea of dead chained. 
Faded face of a ginger...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, dedication, desire,

Heavenly Father
I thank you for waking me up today, another day of life. 
I pray this morning that I will surrender my spirit completely to You....

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Categories: angel, baptism, bible, blessing,


Sequo ane aneleli
Ruthless enchantment signed peneli
Deep linguistics conveyed temporali
French-mistic concerns of one Mr. Pateli
A shrine of words deeply negated
A form of style simply paginated


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Categories: character, desire, devotion, how

we do not belong here
I found myself in this utopia
Enclosed in this width and space
Why I got here is beneath me
The purpose of my being is illusory
The way I...

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Categories: depression, desire, earth, emotions,

What Life Means To Me
Win the Lotto
and they take a photo

Buy a home
so I don't have to roam

Have a hot meal
and not have to steal

Get rid of my clothes

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Categories: change, desire, dream, happiness,

Beyond The Deep

In beyond the deep
Where sleep must slumber
We give praises' to the Lord
Let no man put us asunder
We weep and...

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Categories: beautiful, bible, career, christian,

In Sympathy

I offer my sympathy
     Not in empathy
In hopes' and...

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Categories: death, desire, devotion,

Made From Dust
Closer than breath is my God,
Though I seek Him far from near.
Though love for me He holds dear,
I pine for things my heart does tear.


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Dad, You Suffered Me
Dad, You Suffered Me

You looked to the North
I stared to the West
My desire gone forth
I thus failed your test.

"My eyes are not blind,
"and ideas quite...

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