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Need The Money Poems

Need The Money Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of need the money poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for need the money.

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Premium Member Trump's Now the President
Trump's Now the President
(how he got there)
By Franklin Price

Trump is now the President
Not the cause but the effect
Of  Republicans and Democrats
Refusing to connect

He's not from either party
Though Republicans have the claim
I  think he flipped a coin one day
Called...Read More
Categories: need the money, america, anxiety, political,
Form: Rhyme

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers
You'll never guess what I found at the dump.
I found and soon sold an antique gas pump.
It was made back in 1943.
A Man gave $100,000 to me.
I sure was lucky to meet that antique collector.
Having this much money is like...Read More
Categories: need the money, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
She Was my friend
That girl sure did shine
Like the brightest diamond in my eyes
That girl was my only true friend
Plenty of nights we stayed up and got super drunk
Talked about our dreams or the men we've been seeing
My friend squeezed her fist raised...Read More
Categories: need the money, break up, change, conflict, confusion, deep, girl,
Form: Rhyme
Where were you
Where were you in the night
where did you go
when I needed you most
I find you
in so few of my memories
you leave with the explanation
someone needs to keep the roof over our head
what you didn't know
is that we needed someone 
to...Read More
Categories: need the money, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Penny for the Guy
Penny for the guy

C’mon mister give us a penny for the guy
This little ragamuffin asked with sad eyes brimming
Need the money to buy food she said with a cry
We are poor mister tearful eyes still streaming

Overhead great sparking rockets fly,
The...Read More
Categories: need the money, fun, night,
Form: Rhyme

My darling I know have put on weight
But I didn’t expect you to set bear bait

Now I am caught on the traps you set
The pain is intense and I’m getting upset

These boobies can no longer be concealed -
I hope the...Read More
Categories: need the money, body, for him, friend, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member PIGGY BANK
Piggy please don't be sad.
I need the money really bad.
Got to pay my motor tax.
Get the government off my back.
You see I need to keep on track.
Bank will not give me a lend.
And I have no savings left to spend.
Now,...Read More
Categories: need the money, break up, horror, money,
Form: Acrostic
your laws rules or ours
the only thing you say is kenyans back
we want to close travel to asians country 
but you what you dnt know is that we wont back.
neither today nor tommorrow 
am there to stay till i wish to return

will you feed...Read More
Categories: need the money, how i feel, sad, youth,
Form: Free verse
February 28th
i've gotta jot this down
a thought to look around
throw my book to the ground
as my dreams give way to sound
but its silence now
im not as afraid of the void
not not but not as and not as took a lot
it takes...Read More
Categories: need the money, africa, black african american, hip hop,
Form: Lyric
why cant i
why am i not enough for him
why does he always complain
things aren,t the way they used to be
and it will never be the same

he doesnt understand we,re older
and the things i used to do is now hard and when you...Read More
Categories: need the money, feelings,
Form: ABC
As With A Tear
Brutally deranged, I've gone a tad insane,
but it isn't my fault no, you're the one to blame,
I laugh at insecurities, and the struggles I can't face,
because if I see them for what they are, I couldn't bear,
Not a drop of...Read More
Categories: need the money, adventure, allegory, beautiful, caregiving, child, childhood, confusion,
Form: Free verse
switching places
crawling from the box he lived in
after finding the secret number in a smut rag
available to all who seek it out on the street,
he made his way to the seemingly abandoned building
where after hitting the buzzer, he was instructed to...Read More
Categories: need the money, life, woman, red,
Form: Free verse
His proposal

Darling will you marry me?  I’ll love you for eternity 
With honour and hope all of my life, I want to make you my wife
My worldly goods will be yours and I’ll cherish you forever
In sickness and in...Read More
Categories: need the money, funny, golf,
Form: Light Verse
Shrinks Nancy
Nancy's Shrink, goddess,

Yes we write of life and all the strife,
and the mind ferrets,will want to know today,
does ya hate ya momma, dadda,
was they really nasty badder,
or did ya personality,
really blossom just this way?

Could we earn anudder dollar,
could we squeeze...Read More
Categories: need the money, adventure, me,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member I'd Like A President Who'd Govern America
They all seek our votes and promise change when they are elected,
And to correct the follies of their predecessors, but just as we expected,
Once they attain that exulted office and the trappings they deem are due,
They feel they have to...Read More
Categories: need the money, politicalworld, me, money,
Form: Rhyme
Cold as Crooks
Cold as crooks we walk the streets
Pickpocketing every snob we meet
We need the money so that we can eat
It's all the same, rinse and repeat

It's hard to meet the cost of living
When everyone takes and no one's giving
But what can...Read More
Categories: need the money, deathmoney,
Form: I do not know?
I Need A Bailout
I need a bailout,
maybe a billion or two,
just something small to hold me,
until I figure out what to do.
My jet needs a washing,
my Hummer needs new paint,
and if the kids don't stop spending,
I think I just might faint.
The pool needs...Read More
Categories: need the money, business, recovery from...
Form: Narrative
Back To Work
I think it is time for me to go back to work,
been here too long, sorta feeling stuck.

I had to take a little time for myself,
even thought about professional help.

Under control, everything seems right now,
but for two years now, I...Read More
Categories: need the money, life, work, time,
Form: Narrative
Where's The Money?
I may be running out of time,
I need the money now,
I want that one last treat,
Oh, wouldn't that be sweet?
So give me the money now,
I don't care from where, or how,
Stacks of tens, and twenties too,
Fifties and hundreds will surely...Read More
Categories: need the money, allegory, death, health, parody, me, money,
Form: Burlesque
What Love Is
Let me tell you what love is
now this is just my perception
I don't need the money
just having you by my side 
that's my blessing
let me learn you a lesson 
this right here is for the women & fellas
If you In...Read More
Categories: need the money, loveme, love, me,
Form: Free verse
Taxing Sin
A tax for beer,
a tax for smokes;
So why not tax
sex and dope?

We need the money-
that’s not in doubt,
so tax that hooker
when she puts out!

And tax the dealer
who sells the drugs
to stupid kids
and slimy thugs!

While we’re at it,
let’s  regulate
disease and...Read More
Categories: need the money, funny, philosophy, visionary, drug,
Form: I do not know?