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Science Nature Poems

These Science Nature poems are examples of Nature poems about Science. These are the best examples of Nature Science poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Colonoscopy
I have a special interest in telling about my colonoscopy.
The doc cheerful, secure in his specialty, colon cancer being
the second leading cause of cancer death...

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Categories: cancer, death, future, nature,

Premium Member eclipse
black sunflower sun
	onyx upon opal orb ~
		curious cat...

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Categories: nature, cat, environment, flower, moon,

Premium Member Mothers Nature
From the sun to the sea,
Constantly giving waves of energy.
Add in some rains and winds that blow,
And there's renewable power, we can grow.

While these natural...

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Categories: nature, environment, future,

The Barren Landscape
Where steel titans glower, casting endless shade,
Rain's memory fades, and a parched land is displayed.
Bangalore simmers, a cauldron in the sun,
Life withers silent, its thirsty...

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Categories: earth, environment, life, nature,

Premium Member Not Real
I, as paper man
in paper town, 
grey, saw 
a cardboard cut-out
of a mirror, 
the reflection
was a busy world 
it didn't look real, 
those colours
and restaurants


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Categories: nature, fear, life, mirror, mystery,

Premium Member Mandela and Shoebills
So suddenly 
it appears in
my Facebook
feed as if it
has always been
part of nature
as if it always
made its presence
known in all the years 
of nature shows...

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Categories: nature, perspective, science,

Premium Member Paris, Seven Months From Now
then you rushed into the leafy courtyard late
like you’d just been thrown in by some hand
but we hadn’t actually arranged it yet 
I knew immediately...

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Categories: friendship, life, love, nature,

Hope in the depths of the human soul,

Hope that guides us towards our goal.

Hope, a beacon in times of despair,

Hope, a light that we all...

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Categories: celebration, encouraging, hope, nature,

Premium Member A Strong Force
I was an illustrious, nuclear physicist, and I was studying the strong force,
Holding together building blocks of all atoms, as stars hold to their course.


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Categories: nature, beauty, fantasy, flower, life,

Premium Member Earth Eulogy
Earth Eulogy

By Mark D. Stucky
She was a good planet,
put to death in her prime
by a pandemic of people.
Homo-sapiens was a disease
with mutating and metastasizing
technological and...

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Categories: nature, death, earth, environment, planet,

Ghost of Vulcan
A world imagined
A phantom circling the sun
Veiled by her white glare 
Pulling on Mercury's heels 
Pulling on mankind's veiled minds 

About the hypothetical planet Vulcan,...

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Categories: imagination, mythology, nature, science,

My body tells the story of four billion years of living, of thriving, of flourishing. Each chapter a tale of surviving    ...

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Categories: atheist, life, nature, science,

Premium Member Songs Of Prometheus - Life Death Rebirth
there will be a baby crying 
in the next room, but not yet
people are still standing around
my bed and I'm still on my last breaths

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Categories: death, deep, life, nature,

Forest Worms
See them crawling out of the mound walking in a straight line, one set is going to East, the other to the West, carrying little...

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Categories: nature, animal, courage, emotions, environment,

Close up, seeing it, it looks nothing like the object that it is.
Why does the microscope show the minuscule imperfections of objects?
I guess when things...

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Categories: nature, science,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things