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Science Nature Poems

These Science Nature poems are examples of Nature poems about Science. These are the best examples of Nature Science poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Questions I Sometimes Ask Myself
	Is knowledge linear? Or does it turn back on itself like a circle, or loop? That is, is it cyclical in nature? If not, then...

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Categories: mystery, nature, philosophy, science,

The Poet and the Physicist
A pen tis' stride of mystery,
His search for truth eternity,
Lost in worlds so beyond,
No point of return did all warn'd,

Tread he bravely by this sea,

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© Savio Vogt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, poets, science fiction, wisdom,

Premium Member A World Without Pity Part II
I will begin my story with this concise summary,
Of the amazing things that have happened to me;

After I had lost a home, where I'd lived...

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Categories: nature, adventure, earth, fantasy, love,

Premium Member Walking Into Enlightenment
So many think about changing the whole world,
few think about changing their very selves.
Standing on the precipice, peer beyond.
Pierce your personal, privileged bubble.
View the vast...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, heart, love, nature,

The files of Doctor Hugh Mein
in 2040 in a small town in
near Seattle. 
 A Group of college students
on a class assignment found
a briefcase with the words
"GODSENT" on the front.

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Categories: animal, nature, science, science

Premium Member Waterfall
Our tale began four days ago ---- large quantities of H20
  Were heated by warm solar rays to start evaporation’s phase
Three days ago each...

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, science, snow, water,

Real concs. 

Solve ‘ems. 


See slave,




Test tube,
Stat loop.

Scope read,
Nodes said. 

Bi drive,
Lat hive. 


Deft thud. 

Deft cod. 

Chain checked. 


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Categories: nature, atheist, body, change, drug,

Premium Member Five Elemental Monoku
I. BISMUTH  [83]
rainbow-sheened cubist castles -- silver-pink of hue 

II. IODINE  [53]
gunmetal grey crystals sublime -- and billow purple 


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Categories: nature, science,

Trees trembling
Trees trembling,
Catastrophic cries,
As leaves depart,
For other pastures,
Dressing down,
Reaching moments,
And places,
We can't,
Russling, their language,
For no one to hear,
The wind, breathing life,
Into staid, ruthless,
Emancipated limbs,
Stalking, talking,
Rooted deeply,

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, environment, nature,


No wonder
just be vegetable,
and fruit?
Be so rough...

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Categories: nature, allusion, metaphor, poetry,

He invited a device 
That pumped
Water from the well
It than sent the water to
A holding tank
Their the water was compressed
When the spicket was open
And the...

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Categories: nature, jobs, math, money, music,

Davenport Tomorrow
Davenport Tomorrow
by Michael R. Burch

Davenport tomorrow ...
all the trees stand stark-naked in the sun.

Now it is always summer
and the bees buzz in cesspools,
adapted to a...

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Categories: nature, earth, earth day, environment,

Premium Member Cracks In The Facade
Opposing forces center on the beam
Of its own tailspin flowing
As gravity prevails

As the rose's petals fall loosely down
Playing with the wind's coat tails
Its senseless beauty...

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Categories: allusion, beauty, irony, nature,

Premium Member Reforming Democratic Faith
Seems like advocates for cooperatively-invested dialogue
are concerned about indoor classroom experiences
that feel a lot more like debate
or merely academic,
cold analysis of win/lose evolutionary history,
in which...

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Categories: nature, community, earth, education, environment,

Oh gravity, ye shapeth my universe
Oh, treacherous pull of endless floor
under our light inconsequential trample,
in equal measure, the feather is won
cursed by thee, to its inevitable fall.

Thy naked invisible attraction

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Categories: body, nature, science, tribute,

Premium Member Greatest Story Never Told
This story remains unfinished
as do all the best tales told.
Yet I must warn you
it has a happy healthy ending,
not dystopian,
although not a finished
political wealth utopia,...

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Categories: nature, community, earth, environment, health,

Schrodinger's Cat Tale
(to Mittens)

Schrödinger’s Cat is where it’s at,
Nor live, nor dead, nor purring.
With half a chance she’ll live to prance
the worst may be occurring.

But if I’d...

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© Eric Cohen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, cat, humorous, nature,

The Sound of Silence
Silence is sure without a sound 
It does come around quite noiseless 
It could come as a resounding one 
It could also be a deafening...

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Categories: emotions, life, nature, perspective,

Urologist Flat World Logic
According to our urologist the world is flat
The bladder is full, roundish and soft
Peas are green.  Pee is yellow
He is a happy fellow small...

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Categories: business, education, health, nature,

Imagine, as they nowadays do,
that matter is actually
not in one place precisely,
that when the quantity
is really really small
and speed is rather high,
(so no cat, nor...

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Categories: math, nature, philosophy, science,