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Science Nature Poems

These Science Nature poems are examples of Nature poems about Science. These are the best examples of Nature Science poems written by international poets.

Visions of a Tropical Dystopia
Horrible blobs
crawling on the radar
threatening detonations
punctuating torpid oppression
promising a merciless deluge

Robotic insects invading
Wrathful humans devolving
Nature devouring
Order dissipating

Ambient lyrical drones
bathing the dystopic landscape
inculcating visions of an...

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Categories: dark, natural disasters, nature,

Apocalyptic Poems I
These are prophetic poems and apocalyptic poems ...

The Vision of the Overseer’s Right Hand
by Michael R. Burch

“Dust to dust ...”

I stumbled, aghast,
into a valley of...

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Categories: nature, earth, earth day, environment,


The canal water endlessly  moving  from passing  boats 
Creates not waves  but dancing hollows between, 

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Categories: color, nature, water,

Premium Member Fragments of Fractals

Spawn of iterating quadratic functions.  
Choreographers of cosmic conjunctions.
Impervious to human dysfunctions.

Makers of multiverses.  Encoders of creations.   
Limited only by imaginations.


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Categories: nature, poetry, science,

Premium Member Some Understand The Natural Order
Many do not

Can animals be conscious
Do plants think
Can you live again
Do other beings exist somewhere
What is certain
Do you love anything more than yourself
What is time

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Categories: mystery, nature, perspective, philosophy,

Premium Member Spiritual Embodiment
I stroll down a quiet road
under the sun's brilliance,
huddled raven awfully croak,
little robins delightfully warble;
glad to roam where people don't walk;
freedom is found in some...

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Categories: nature, creation, emotions, environment, introspection,

The Magnolia
She wears a pure, pink dress.
Nature is her sanctuary.
Curiosity is her comfort.

She sits among the fallen, pink petals
Of the magnolia tree
And wonders:
Why must the petals...

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Categories: nature, angst, child, girl, innocence,

Coughing, bound to choke
Clouds above are covered, flying kites of smoke
Yet we, careless, continue to disappoint
Murky Mother Nature, coughing, bound to choke

The world’s beautiful wonders we must exploit

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© Avril Hyde  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, abuse, environment, fear, fire,

Hunger Moon
	fresh snow smothers sustenance ~
		wolverine greedy

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Categories: nature, animal, february, food, moon,

Whales and snails
Bees and fleas
Apples and eagles
All from the Big Bang

Planets shine and align
Bananas and cheetahs
Seashore and dinosaurs
All from the Big Bang

Peaches and cheeses
Asparagus and...

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Categories: creation, nature, planet, science,

Premium Member Normality

The science saved the day, again
No Frankenstein theatrics
Or headless brain 

The villagers chase, not to fork or to prod
No burning torch, crucifix 
Or running...

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Categories: nature, god, science,

Shamans question known and unknown
The Moon's silvery light looks wet,
Must be the remnants of the Sun's sweat.
Great chariots slide off it's colossal path,
Immersing themselves in a Galactic bath.

Shamans weep...

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Categories: mystery, nature,

Human Greed
We, the human race
are destroying, our only place
by cutting down, our life filters
and becoming, the human killers

We build, with concrete jungles
causing us, to huddle in...

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Categories: nature, animal, earth, environment, future,

The Voice for Mother Nature David Attenborough
At a very young age, David spent his early days 
collecting natural specimens, fossils and stones
always venturing out, to our planets sun rays
throughout his amazing...

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Categories: nature, animal, culture, death, earth,

Mayfly Martyrs
Such an ethereal beauty.
Petite in size but large on life.
One would not expect its duty
is solely for procreation.
Yes, just this one, and nothing more,
certainty is...

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Categories: nature, birth, death, insect, life,