British Poems and Poetry from United Kingdom

British poems and poetry from United Kingdom. Read examples of british poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

I Started A Joke - that made people cry BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 11/20/2017
HOPE BritishUnited KingdomTalbot, Mick11/20/2017
Premium Member Poem Time Machine BritishUnited KingdomShaw, Kevin11/20/2017
Three Shires BritishUnited Kingdomhowarth, rick11/20/2017
Bluebell Wood BritishUnited KingdomHaigh, Robert11/20/2017
Your Love Was Meant To Hurt Me BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/20/2017
No one cares BritishUnited Kingdomnewman, mia11/20/2017
Promises BritishUnited KingdomStorrier, Andrea11/20/2017
Passenger BritishUnited KingdomTucker, Sarah11/20/2017
Social Media BritishUnited KingdomTrim, Nick11/20/2017
Even though it felt so good I gave my heart to the wrong person BritishUnited KingdomLemarche, Lemarche11/20/2017
OUR BLUE PLANET BritishUnited KingdomTalbot, Mick11/20/2017
House Of Pain BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/20/2017
The Struggle BritishUnited KingdomQamar, Amar11/20/2017
MY MUSE AND NATURE TOO BritishUnited KingdomTalbot, Mick11/20/2017
Premium Member Poem My Winter BritishUnited KingdomSmith, Gary11/20/2017
Pursue Life BritishUnited KingdomRahman, Ahmadur11/20/2017
Premium Member Poem Consumed BritishUnited KingdomLove, Ian11/20/2017
CLOGS BritishUnited KingdomTERZIU, FATMIR11/20/2017
Premium Member Poem Manglish Carol BritishUnited KingdomBrewer, Geoffrey11/20/2017
Premium Member Poem Wish I knew you when I was young BritishUnited KingdomWigley, Viv11/20/2017
In Sorrow's Embrace BritishUnited KingdomRaven, Vladislav 11/19/2017
Sorceress BritishUnited KingdomTalbot, Mick11/19/2017
HAIKU BritishUnited KingdomTalbot, Mick11/19/2017
Black Angel BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/19/2017
Am I Alive BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/19/2017
Crying Inside BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/19/2017
Black Angel BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/19/2017
Premium Member Poem Santa's Silent Sled BritishUnited KingdomStebbings, Barry11/19/2017
Virtual Girlfriend BritishUnited Kingdomsmith, carl11/19/2017
Drifting Trees BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/19/2017
Love's victiey BritishUnited KingdomBee, Katherine11/19/2017
Premium Member Poem To Annie: Before We Are So Exalted BritishUnited KingdomLove, Ian11/19/2017
Premium Member Poem MY KIND OF POESIE BritishUnited KingdomStrand, Brian11/19/2017
A change at no 10 BritishUnited Kingdompennell , stephen 11/19/2017
Lose Me In Whispers BritishUnited KingdomShields, Jane11/19/2017
I'm thinking of becoming a veggie BritishUnited KingdomKinch , Elizabeth 11/19/2017
New Beginning Page 52b BritishUnited KingdomYeates, Owen11/19/2017
New Beginning Page 52a BritishUnited KingdomYeates, Owen11/19/2017
Premium Member Poem My Winter BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren11/19/2017
Synaesthesia BritishUnited KingdomScotter, John11/19/2017
Premium Member Poem Deity for Laity BritishUnited KingdomBrewer, Geoffrey11/19/2017
Freddy Krueger's pen BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex11/18/2017
If I never rhyme again BritishUnited KingdomDuffy, Alex11/18/2017
meditation BritishUnited KingdomScotter, John11/18/2017
Premium Member Poem In an enchanted forest BritishUnited KingdomRoberts, Seren11/18/2017
An Gorta Mor, The Irish Famine 1845-1852 BritishUnited KingdomCunningham , tom11/18/2017
Premium Member Poem Constanza - A Dangerous Game BritishUnited KingdomStebbings, Barry11/18/2017
Premium Member Poem Marguerita BritishUnited KingdomShaw, Kevin11/18/2017
Premium Member Poem In through the Outdoor BritishUnited KingdomShaw, Kevin11/18/2017