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Success Narrative Poems

These Success Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Success. These are the best examples of Narrative Success poems written by international poets.

Accidental Hero
The day Mitchell Malden became a hero
he had only meant to go for a drink,
paced slowly into Slimbed’s only saloon,
where he noticed an unpleasant stink.


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Categories: narrative, character, conflict, grandchild, hero,

I dreamed a lot when I was young,
my mind still wanders to this day,
so much I wanted to achieve,
so much that I yearned to stay.


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Categories: business, dream, how i

Premium Member She Saved Her Best for Last
She'd been raised to despise them, and despise them she did
  The Orthodox, be they modern or old-fashioned, and the Chassidim
She'd grown up loathing...

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Categories: conflict, miracle, mother son,

I don't know why I have to talk about humiliation, 
In the middle of what is supposed to be a celebration. 
But my truth is...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, confidence, inspiration,

Premium Member Challenges

By Edmund Siejka

He faced a challenge 
That forced him to use all his abilities
But doubt clouded his judgement
Caution gave way to uncertainty.
Needing help
He recalled these...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Mystery Of The Poltergeist
Mystery Of The Poltergeist

It is said, “All things in balance”,
yin has it’s yang, plus has it’s minus,
all things in balance is natures way.

There is however...

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Categories: death, introspection, mystery,

A MOMENT OF PEACE meditation


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Categories: assonance,

Premium Member Gigantic Adventure of RumbleVoice and Samuel P
Sixteen hundred full moons ago, RumbleVoice, a giant with a mission, and his mighty spy hawk, Samuel P. were up in the Butter Cup Mountains...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Mariah of Magdala
Part III: Judgement

Mariah of Magdala
Here comes that day 
You can never get to escape
They have fought amongst themselves
They have recognized their problem
They are planning to...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, dark, judgement,

Premium Member Rainbow Banana Badge
Rainbow banana, we all tried to make the most beautiful one, the silliest one, the most disturbed one.
We used food coloring, all the bowls in...

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Categories: emotions, feelings,

The Black Man
The Black Man

Hello to the world of the black man
Holding his roots to a foreign land
Raising issues that are hard to face
Knowing  evils of...

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Categories: africa, black love, character,

Premium Member One Man's Lofty Dream
One Man’s Lofty Dream or "Lalalaloo, lalalaloo, lalalaloo."

In a country across a mysterious, unrelenting sea,
Lived a young man, another tongue had he with lofty dreams,

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Categories: faith, hope, success,

As in exams....
Define exams....
Fail exams....
Pass exams....
Whatever the case....
They remain exams....

The bright,
The dull,
The active,
The lazy,
The slays,
The kings,
All feel they deserve success...
Regardless of the efforts put in...

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Categories: dedication, education,

Premium Member Little Things Mean A Lot

It's the little things in life that mean so much

That steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for you as you greet the day

The cheery hello...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member May Love Forever Burn Brightly

Friendships are made, friendships are broken
But the friendships here on the site
Are as strong as any that have ever existed
Unencumbered by outside influences
They thrive in...

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Categories: friendship love,

Failure Fuel, Part II
...This rankled Ethan, deep down in his core,
his drummer just quit, but Ethan wanted more,
he pressed on touring, writing out new songs,
from catchy romps to...

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Categories: desire, dream, life, music,

Failure Fuel, Part I
Ethan was determined to be the best,
to put to shame all other guitarists,
to rock the world in tight, leather pants,
touring like a God across the...

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Categories: desire, dream, life, music,

Odyssey from Africa 14e
CHapter 14 King Ptoleny the 2nd (cont.)

Thus they charted weather systems 
Grey depressions bringing rainclouds,
Towering dark cumulonimbus,
Or the violent storms and cyclones
And in turn...

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Categories: adventure, africa, animal, environment,

The Strongest Woman, Part II
...She said,”I need to talk about something,
that for a long while has bothered me.
For the first time in all of my life,
I do not know...

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Categories: angst, children, life, strength,

A Tale of My Tail,Anacreontic
I give all
To one who owns all:
My Joy and
Hope, Strife and pain,
all do i
loan to him to
bear them on his wing,
Soaring through
the claws of the...

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Categories: allusion,