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Lonely Narrative Poems

These Lonely Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Lonely. These are the best examples of Narrative Lonely poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Reuniting With First Love At Reunion
Sheila dressed carefully, greeting first love in fits of anticipation,
Amid glittering disco ball promoting twenty-fifth year class reunion,
Drum master is at play, thumping Sheila’s traitorous...

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Categories: age, dream,

One Leg boy
Standing on one leg
With spit running down my face
My fist balled up with anger and shame
They did not care to much for my emotions.
Although, a...

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Categories: africa, anxiety, break up,


‘Once more in this lonely castle ~
that is full of darkness and so much coldness, 
where old memories seems to dance around
making life...

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Categories: cry, dark, dream, loneliness,

Lonely Silence
Lonely silence makes you wonder and guess
It can be words left unspoken

Some say no news is good news, but that's not always true
Cause words left...

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Categories: loneliness, lonely, sad,

The long wait
I wait for my love
Looking at the building for the tenth time 
She sighs, then snicker to herself
In expectation of the million surprises  
life and...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, grief, lonely,

A Place Called No More
I've moved yall far away from earth
Where there are no more hurricanes, hospitals
And there is no more hurt

I moved to a new place, a place...

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Categories: bereavement, cancer, death, death

What Lovely Years
When you take this first step,
think - what lies ahead.
Both smiles and laughter
tender, loving ever-after.
The road will be rough,
but you will not bend
for the prize...

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Categories: abuse, boyfriend, break up,

Premium Member Escape from Horror
When I first awoke in this hospital, they tell me I had stared straight ahead and never uttered a word. I was in shock for...

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Categories: horror,

He Became A Barren Island

This unhappy man in the midst of flowing opulence lived
like a discolored precious stone in a box of rare jewels,
and was always sad like a...

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Categories: analogy, depression, happiness, imagery,

Premium Member The Haunted House
The Haunted House

An aging Victorian graphite three story house sat on a 
promontory, lonely, deserted, weathered and forlorn.
Broken windows showed signs of cruel abuse from

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Categories: autumn, fear, horror, house,

A message to the most loveable
A message to the most loveable.

It has always been a journey I've embarked with happiness. Through all cries and smiles,I've been left like a wilted...

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Categories: betrayal,

Premium Member I Was So Lost
I Was So Lost

I had been raised in church but a religious church.
They did acknowledge there was a God but
His Son was pictured as dead...

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Categories: appreciation, baptism, truth,

Broken Little Pieces
I find myself holding onto my broken pieces
trying to search for some form of comfort. 
Every morning I gather the fragments of my existence 

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Categories: break up, change, depression,

Premium Member Dog Days
The sky is cracked tonight.  The moon slips through and the clouds dance across her slender back.  I’m hunkered down here for the...

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Categories: depression, fear, lonely, lost

Jack's Courage
A group of youngsters
plays baseball in the sunny field,
while a lonely kid watches 
the game and he would love to join them,
but he can't run:...

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Categories: anxiety, baseball, boy, childhood,

Premium Member What The Enemy Meant For Evil, God Will Turn To The Good
What The Enemy Meant For Evil, GOD Will Turn To The Good!

Take a good look now at some of the bad
things that have happened in...

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Categories: trust,

crying in the rain
rain fell down 
 not droplets outside 
 but tears from within 
 drowning a once
 determined soul,
 breaking it.
 sad people love the 

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Categories: depression, lonely, love, Lullaby,

Why do lovebirds cry
Why do lovebirds cry?
By: Ronelo Collamar
Two lovebirds bade goodbye
Amidst situations of hopelessness
Tearing each other's lucky day
All of a sudden, both were in dismay.
Beau's song was...

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Categories: bird, emotions, lonely, loss,

Ghost Ship
Our ship is pounding against the waves, we haven’t seen the sun in thirteen days.
The lightning flashes across dark skies, and the rain tortures our...

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Categories: death, sea, water,

Odyssey from Africa 14g 15a
Odyssey from Africa 14g

“This research by young Alinda
Tells us something most important 
For we find upon our beaches
Plants that are entirely different 

“From the flora...

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Categories: adventure, africa, history, mythology,