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Horse Narrative Poems

These Horse Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Horse. These are the best examples of Narrative Horse poems written by international poets.

One Leg boy
Standing on one leg
With spit running down my face
My fist balled up with anger and shame
They did not care to much for my emotions.
Although, a...

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Categories: africa, anxiety, break up,

The Girl with Eyes as Black as Crows
On that night the moon seemed hidden from her starry brothers
The kind of night not suited for the fighters nor the lovers
I ventured out only...

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Categories: dark, death, fantasy, murder,

The Fantasy of the Woods
Barefoot, I stepped on the twigs and the dry leaves,
Loving the cracking sound they make as they break,
Hating the noise at the same time,
As, they...

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Categories: faith, life, love, mystery,

The Christmas Mule
So many years had passed, he was the offspring of a horse and ass. 
Quickly discounted, the young mule was sold over and over again...

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, god, mother son,

Bulletproof Vest Palpitations

It’s Faint Paddies Day
from my oxy scarce commuter view

At this Rocky Mountain skin altitude,
death is always on the dispatch menu

Faint Paddies 
be sweating onion fear...

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Categories: fear, society, truth, wisdom,

Chester Miller's Final Fight, Part II
...He turned back to see all four of his gang
staring at him, in anger and shock.
“That boy was worth thousands,”seethed out mad Bret,
his hand shifting...

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Categories: narrative, change, conflict, courage, death,

Chester Miller's Final Fight, Part I
In the desert waste Chester Miller looked out,
saw the rest of the gang riding back slow,
fresh from the bank job in Copperstone Creek,
a place that...

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Categories: narrative, change, conflict, courage, death,

Premium Member Mister Goofus

There once was a song called “Goofus”
I think this describes me all right
Sounds right for this mood I've been in
For the last forty days and...

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Categories: adventure,

Premium Member A Lone Gunslinger
Idyllic country setting, from somewhere in the past
   Imagine an expanse of rich green grass
Running up to a fence, fronting a proud red...

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Categories: death, horse, memory, myth,

Meet On The Upper Floor
What would the rich do without the poor?
If there was no poor to clean the floor
What would the rich do without the poor?
If there was...

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Categories: beauty, change, emotions, friendship

I Defy The Clown
I defy the clown that is chasing everyone around
I defy the clown that is closing everything down
I defy the clown and became the biggest talk...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, community, destiny,

Muse In Space
They say in space, no one can hear screams; 
so I go there in sleep just to scream.

OBE’s are one beautiful escape; 
muse must release...

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Categories: imagination, muse, space, symbolism,

Premium Member Going To The Fair
Going To The Fair

	A farmer owned a large bull who was very big and strong and had a very high opinion of himself. One day...

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Categories: humor,

The Critter Cascade
I was walking down a Vermont road
to stretch my legs and blow off stress,
stone walls flanked the hard, brown dirt,
half-obscured by dead leaves and grass.


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Categories: animal, fun, humorous, light,

The Gun-hand's Revenge, Part IV
The bandits jolted as slugs struck home hard,
only one was able to shoot back,
Meredith’s horse reared, and tossed her off,
she slammed to the ground and...

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Categories: narrative, adventure, history, hurt, judgement,

The Gun-hand's Revenge, Part II
In the week that followed that cold, hard scene,
Reno settled in and got down to work,
he did tie up loose ends for the estate,
but mostly...

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Categories: narrative, adventure, history, hurt, judgement,

Premium Member Fairy Tale Wedding
My whole world as I knew was never more; when I caught a glance of an attractive  dark haired Irish man with piercing blue...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy, wedding,

Premium Member Inspire Expire
San Francisco, California
Present time

I enjoyed my beautiful brandy with my best friend Melodee and we were both Fates that worked with Death.
“I see your glass...

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Categories: death,

Winners Circle
If life was a horse race it would be more fair
But it’s a sloppy track
You don’t get a starting gate
Use what you have and run...

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Categories: 10th grade, america, community,

The Lizard Man
It spread its grizzly legs on the whitewashed wall
Firmly baked in the early summer heat 
Spitting perspiration dripping from the white crisps ceiling
While I cling...

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Categories: business, character, community, dedication,