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Holocaust Narrative Poems

These Holocaust Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Holocaust. These are the best examples of Narrative Holocaust poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Great Little England
  skinny island rump
  highway seas churning the horizon under turbulent skies
  entity England
  migration waves still grounding along the continental...

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: culture, england, history,

Premium Member Ireland - a divided island part three
  kaisers, kings and emperors fight for territory
  dispensable bodies left in the ground on foreign soil, unreturned
  militarisation of memory and...

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Categories: community, history, ireland, time,

Premium Member My Take On The Holocaust
Let me tell you a sad story, a true story . . . 

Maybe some of my facts are not exactly right on,
maybe some...

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Categories: holocaust,

Premium Member Correcting God
It was a fateful era for the Jews,
when their tears, blood and fate
was manipulated by the Nazi.
They found anything Jewish to be damned
and wrong, forcing...

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Categories: deep, hate, history, holocaust,

Dr Korczak
Pan doktor my children called me, an orphanage to run.
I was educated in their German homeland but polish born. 
My children wrote a newspaper ...

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Categories: hero, history,

Evil were the Flying Angels
Tears would well her eyes, if there were any left.
Pray there’s none as one drop would flood the world. 
One, two, three, four and many...

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Categories: abuse, angst, bereavement, conflict,

Escape the Holocaust
Another night
Another fight to survive
As the days go by
Everybody with blonde hair and blue eyes
And if the religion fits
They'll burn to a crisp
This is a...

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Categories: holocaust,

Man of God
I have a sword and shield
For every land that I step
All kill , destroy all
I am a man of God.

I murdered a giant
I opened the...

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Categories: horror,

A series of troubling times part 3
I can’t though; if even a peep comes out of my mouth I risk the lives of the others even before we get to the...

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Categories: holocaust,

A series of troubling times part 2
This society has turned into a dark, cold world. Where nobody was accepted for who they are, only by the religion they have possessed. I...

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Categories: holocaust,

Premium Member Tears Of Atonement
She watched the towers fall to earth that pristine, young fall morn.
She saw the skies so clear and blue and then the clear was gone.

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Categories: death, evil, holocaust, september,

A series of troubling times
The black skies poured outside, the walls that kept me in, felt safer than ever. Every day, I stand here and wonder “why is the...

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Categories: holocaust,

A Letter to General Eisenhower
Dear General Eisenhower:

Sir, you are a man of great wisdom and foresight
Is this why you made sure photographs were taken
photographs of mass graves stuffed with...

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Categories: war,

Two of Twelve
Ten remain hidden, two thousand years lost. 

Two struck down by bullet, gas, and flame; the ghetto stage one. 
Six million perished before the world...

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© Ge Ge  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, community, corruption, history,

lighters that don't light
high on a hill Elijah spoke
and when he was finished
all that was left of the sacrifice
was smoke

and i like the false prophet
on the hill
perished to...

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Categories: allegorylove,

Berlin Stands
On the 28th storey silenced by the sight
Of steeples and monuments, towers at twilight
I gazed out the window in awe at Berlin
And thought of the...

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Categories: history

Another Holocaust?
Have we gone to far to take it back?
    Like a fast running train that has jumped...

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Categories: education, faith, history, people,

Sitting at the V.A. Clinic
in wheelchair
with a number tatooed
across the back of his hand.

Three rows of numbers.
Were you there?
His head is bowed into
hand/arm resting on the chair.

Bowed head
sparse white...

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Categories: life, people, places,