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Family Narrative Poems

These Family Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Family. These are the best examples of Narrative Family poems written by international poets.

Premium Member You Are My Soul Family
So many people help me.  They are concerned, they rush to see if I am okay.
They listen when I want to tell my truth....

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Categories: introspection, poetry,

Premium Member We Were Not To Travel This Earth Without HIM
We Were Not Meant To Travel This Earth Without Him

When God created Adam and then Eve, they had a marvelous fellowship and a closeness with...

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Categories: bible, christian, trust,

Unicorns and Amazons
chasing in a derby race;
what a noble thing for us to see!

Saint Peter tapping-out the rhythm
whilst old Gabriel leads a tune,
and Saint Francis...

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Categories: faith, family, god, inspirational,

Ode to a Blunt Affect
Wind cuts to my feelings of indifference
for my impaired emotionless state
air freezing my facial expression 
glad of the change in environment
but can not seem to...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, death, depression,

Modern Hunt
Boots crushing frosted grass-blades,
sun still an ember to the east,
clad head-to-toe in blaze orange
as I climb into the tree stand.

Strap myself in, high on this...

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Categories: narrative, america, autumn, dedication, imagery,

The night- serene and dark,
We lay, mellowed in peace,
How silence would embark,
Down to its utter tease.

As no morning moves,
There’s news I don’t see,
only the outside...

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Categories: birth, dark, death, destiny,

Something About Ed's Wife, Part II
We though she was just feeling alone,
and we wanted to be there for our friend,
but what happened when we stepped inside
shocked both me and my...

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Categories: friend, life, loss, marriage,

Cel Phone Addiction
Touch And See 

We are a society of folded ears. We opt for our apps 
 through touch tone effect instead of real conversation. 

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Categories: addiction,

Other People's Freedom, Part I
Autumn though of herself as a kind soul,
and she took great pride in her compassion,
she believed things could be made perfect,
and her voting reflected this...

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Categories: betrayal, dark, evil, freedom,



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Categories: faith,

Premium Member Ginger November
even her name evoked colorful images
Ginger November, a student of mine
quiet girl with ebony hair
a blessing to teach till family troubles intervened

divorcing parents of a...

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Categories: student, teacher,

Beware The Peek Holes
We were extremely delighted when we picked up the keys to our brand new house and starting at the front door, we made slow anticipative...

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Categories: dream, family, heartbroken, winter,

I dreamed a lot when I was young,
my mind still wanders to this day,
so much I wanted to achieve,
so much that I yearned to stay.


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Categories: business, dream, how i

Settling Old Grudges, Part III
...They sent a copy of an old tin-type,
a picture of Milton and his bride,
one look at it and I knew the whole truth,
Small Doe in...

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Categories: community, conflict, family, father

Settling Old Grudges, Part II
...“The bloodshed grew, the army was called in,
and sided with settlers as they often did,
Blue Hawk’s people were crushed, all rounded up,
put on the rez...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, family, father

Settling Old Grudges, Part I
This house belonged to grandfather Rudolph,
though its history goes much further back,
all the way to the eighteen seventies,
when to this vast land Herbert Blake did...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, family, father

Better Off A Cowboy, Part II
..But despite his words, Dylan had the skills,
made friends with the hands, kept up on his bills,
and his college learning helped with the books,
squeezed out...

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Categories: narrative, change, growing up, growth,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part III
...Bill passed on back in sixty-nine,
and I buried him on that same hill,
next to his friend Timlin Rivers,
beneath northern lights and the night’s chill.

And I...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part II
He shrugged and said,”If you’ve no home
I guess you could stay for a while.
But you will have to learn the traps,
and that means many cold...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part I
It was back in nineteen-nineteen
when Timlin Rivers checked his traps,
by one he found just a weasel skin,
did not know what to make of that.

Why would...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,