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Simile Music Poems

These Simile Music poems are examples of Music poems about Simile. These are the best examples of Music Simile poems written by international poets.

I be talking crazy when I’m off the yoppas.
But she love how I talk crazy off the yoppas.
I didn’t really want her but you know...

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Categories: music, drug, hip hop, metaphor,

Premium Member Blue
Blue can be a pretty color light to dark it is up to you.
Loving my first Soup write, "Big Blue."
U must not sit around feeling...

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Categories: music, color, feelings, fun, love,

Music Forever
Oo those saccharine melodies,

Those yummy and dulcet candies,

Like this midsummer in June,

Sing one song in one tune.


Though music has evolved,

Still it feeds our hungry...

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© Asim Baig  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: music, 9th grade, cheer up,

Premium Member Musings On Poesy
Poesy and song are all about
     rhythm and flow, and tunes and tones; 
how every rise and fall throughout

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Categories: muse, music, mythology, poems,

Grass Stained Heart
Sitting on the Field
Lights come up on stage
All we have is time
I don’t mind the wait
I looked at you
And you looked at me

I do know...

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Categories: music, beautiful, drug, green, happiness,

Premium Member The Tempo of Life
The Tempo of Life

Like metronome just pacing time,
      the years click slowly by;
   adagietto overtime,

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Categories: age, life, music, simile,

Premium Member Chips and Salsa - Final Song Version
Chips and Salsa (22 Feb 2019)

Life could be better, but easily worse.
Sometimes I feel blessed, other times cursed.
As I get older, I look back and...

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Categories: music, food, friendship love, fun,

The Flute Player
The girl picked up the flute and played.
It sang and sang and sang;
Sometimes low like a wild cat’s purr;
Sometimes high like a songbird.
Sometimes loud like...

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Categories: art, beautiful, emotions, music,

Premium Member The Piano
There, resting in stoic frame, it
reflected its sheen surface; glowing 
like a stilled black water river—The stage
mocking banks at high tide.

Ebony rowed keloids rose in-between

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Categories: music, analogy, beauty, character, imagery,

Premium Member Give Me An Idea
Give me a thoughtful image 
That I can reveal in black and white,
Or with tints and shades of colors 
Using pastels, ink, or graphite.
Even the...

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Categories: creation, inspiration, muse, music,

Love In My Veins
Your love flows through my veins
like the Nile River flows through
the sands of Eygpt.
Love flows through my veins
like rivers that break off into endless streams

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Categories: music, beautiful, feelings, for her,


Like the wind flying through the air
As the fire crackles out a beat
Like the waterfall crashing against rocks
like music to my ears

NOTE: I wrote this...

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Categories: music,

Music Is My Guide
This is a poem I wrote in english class today.... It was an assignment... It had an 
ABBACDCDEE rhyme scheme, and had to include alliteration,...

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Categories: music

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