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Yourself Metaphor Poems

These Yourself Metaphor poems are examples of Metaphor poems about Yourself. These are the best examples of Metaphor Yourself poems written by international poets.



Seeking peace
in love,
load yourself with love
and live as
in him...
Don't succumb
the misfortunes,
don't run away
defeats but
fight with
bravery by
Deliver the body

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Categories: metaphor, allusion, creation, cute love,

naked picnic
the grass makes perfect lingerie
my dear
drape yourself across the yard
and I’ll feast

on an audience of ants
traipsing crumbs across our makeshift bedroom 
while my fingertips march...

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Categories: angst, love, lust, metaphor,

Premium Member Laughing Pines, Part Two
Will you, won’t you join the dance,
We like to dance here every night,
Moving slowly at the speed of light.
Won’t you give yourself half a chance,

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Categories: metaphor, adventure, allusion, analogy, imagery,

Premium Member I, Zombie, Part XII: The Remembering
It’s ten years later
I’ve finally hit paydirt
It’s the motherload

I didn’t strike gold
I struck a deal with myself
To help me grow old

Not act like a child

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Categories: metaphor, addiction, allusion, analogy, mental

Premium Member I Zombie, Part XI: The Missing
The house is empty
Not a home now, just a house
Without you with me

Feels like a bad dream
From which I may not awake 
Forever it seems


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Categories: metaphor, addiction, allusion, analogy, mental

Open the door and let the fire in,
Only he will purify my soul.
Hold up your hand
And you'll say, " I'm Sorry, I still love you."


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Categories: me, memory, metaphor, people,

Water Under the Bridge
When things occurred in the past,
and you were worried about it all,
changing your dreams into nightmares,
catching you into mental snares,
it is only water under the...

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Categories: metaphor, philosophy, water, wisdom,

Coro Nations
A humbling wave has struck humanity
No man of mortal existence is spared 
In a World that seemed broad and vast 
Shrunken suddenly by the smallest...

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Categories: analogy, dark, emotions, metaphor,

Tomorrow you will wake up
   drag yourself out of your bed
     even when your mind is tired

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Categories: extended metaphor,

The King Without A Crown
You came so suddenly,
Bringing great terror in your arrival like many before you,
Who are you that you should be crowned king that all men bow...

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Categories: extended metaphor, imagery, loss,

The canny hitman wears many faces
His smiling face he calls democracy
Were you to hear him chanting..
You would be forgiven to believe
Freedoms.. rights, democracy..
He utters and...

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Categories: extended metaphor, inspiration, judgement,



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Categories: metaphor, allegory, allusion, analogy, extended

There's someone behind me
Following me,
Copying me,
As same as me.

I looked behind,
There was nothing.
I looked down
And there was she,
As usual.

But she’s not loyal,
She only lasts in...

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Categories: metaphor, body, dark, desire, for

Premium Member Dragons Fire
I Gezelda, goddess of the dragons,
bestow upon you, young one, this fire.
Use it to warm yourself. never do harm;
remember, you are a dragon.
Your dragon oath,...

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Categories: fantasy, fire, metaphor, mythology,

Premium Member Blunt Knife
He keeps trying his barrage 
of raging vitriol, but it's a blunt knife
on his target's alligator skin

A predictable high school bully
with the same ol' lines...

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Categories: metaphor, appreciation, boy, courage, irony,