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Animal Metaphor Poems

These Animal Metaphor poems are examples of Metaphor poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Metaphor Animal poems written by international poets.

Interview Overheard
I hear them talking as I open my eyes, 
a hazy something lingers on my lips like lava, 
threatening to erupt. I hear question then...

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Categories: metaphor, analogy, animal,

The Fish
Laughter trills through fire
Joy is spun on a lyre
Feathers were just growing in
And the bird watched its kin
Playing, scratching, screaming

I want to play!
You're on fire!

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Categories: metaphor, anger, animal, bullying, depression,

Let’s be eels, 
Let slip into their hands,

Let’s be eels,
Let’s explore the rivers
Before they catch us,

They’re waiting for us downstream,
To hurt us,

We are eels,
We know...

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Categories: animal, metaphor,

by Lanier Thomas

Safely soaring above the sky
The eagle continues to fly.
On stately wings that glide on air
Like drifting dreams without despair.
Onward over the horizon it...

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Categories: metaphor, animal, beauty, freedom, happiness,

Committee of Vultures
Committee of Vultures

There they sit squabbling
Up in a tree or on the ground
Waiting greedily for the next carcass
Laughing, they don’t care how it got dead


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Categories: metaphor, animal, bird, character, humanity,

Sincerely Dr Jekyll
I can feel this rage boiling
Bubbling to the top
I can feel it catching fire
Gathering heat nonstop
I can feel it take aim 
with my patience slain

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Categories: metaphor, abuse, anger, bullying, meaningful,

Premium Member Ante-Meridian Verses on a Sleepless Night
In what to me now seems like ages
I've only read some sundry pages;
Lord Byron, a Romantic poet, 
was a dark wit; you'd just know it.


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Categories: allusion, animal, garden, metaphor,

Premium Member A Cornered Rat
A Cornered Rat

No matter what the enemy’s might.
The smallest of beasts will stand and fight.
Whether a cat or a mighty bear.
Confront him only if you...

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Categories: metaphor, animal, cat, conflict, dark,

Greenling Elegy - Revision
clouded omens across code

the objective fact of the atmosphere here
starves even the most modest
ambitions of fish outside their home waters

journey of yearning mundane
day-glow gradients of...

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Categories: metaphor, animal, betrayal, death, extended

Premium Member Panther
An isolated silhouette grows
amongst cowering greens as
an aimless impression yonder
trace mimicking lifeless postures. 

Outlines vanish from the capture
as that raises a different outcome,
yet the instinctive...

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Categories: metaphor, allusion, animal, environment, extended

Premium Member Dead Rat In the Road
dead rat in the road
flat rat in the road
as if placed without gore
more like a small fur rug
than a rodent
as it ran to its conclusion

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Categories: metaphor, animal, death, deep, mental

The Spider
In the hushed embrace of night, a weaver emerges from the shadows.
With delicate grace, it spins threads of lunar albedo into a tapestry,
a silent symphony...

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Categories: metaphor, analogy, animal, confidence, extended

Am I aware of who I am?
Or just an animal, following after my next meal
If all I do is what I’m told
Am I really alive...

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Categories: depression, life, metaphor,

Living Among Ferocious Animals
Having to undertake my journey through life
        I face unusual situations...This time with animals...


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Categories: metaphor, adventure, allegory, animal, appreciation,

Premium Member Beating a Dead Horse
Reins lifted in spite, a grimace
Blistering the urge to forgive the way
Black changed to gray right before your eyes,
Easing away the pain like, in fading,...

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Categories: metaphor, animal, death of a

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