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Honor Men Poems

These Honor Men poems are examples of Men poems about Honor. These are the best examples of Men Honor poems written by international poets.


I turned,
towards my friend, who always was complaining
about the injustices and hardships of life and in a
calm voice I asked him:
" Tell me, was...

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Categories: happiness, life, men,

The Man From The Desert, Part II
...They said the diggings had all been tapped out,
ain’t no way a man could strike it rich now,
but there was work for men, hearty and...

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Categories: men, adventure, conflict, destiny, horse,

Premium Member Two men made a difference
One man made a difference
One man raised a call
To unquiet the silent memory of 
when ten men had to fall

One man praised their honor
One man...

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Categories: men, care, caregiving, change, dedication,

What A Man Shoud Know
A man should first know his own strength,
what it is he can and cannot do,
our physical power is no small thing,
use it wrong and you’ll...

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Categories: men, growth, how i feel,

Premium Member On searching for a vocation in the Universe
Nothing is devised or divined in the Universe to forever be.
Nothing is held always in truth; nor ever wholly wrong.
So look to those who find...

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Categories: conflict, men, music, power,

Loving DARE TO BE A MARY challenge: Men too
Some poems write themselves
Maureen McGreavey excels in pithy poetry
So I do not love writing them, sometimes

When the Holy Spirit showed me a contrast
Luke 1, a...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: men, bible, christian, devotion, discrimination,

Premium Member Thanks Dad
Think of us oft, when you travel afar,
On orders protecting, lives we enjoy;
You and your pals, family superstars,
We miss you every time, you must deploy.


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Categories: men, america, appreciation, children, dad,

Young men of wrongful courage and conviction
Young men of wrongful courage and conviction,
seem to plague our beloved nation.
Many of them do not successfully complete
their high school education.

Without any proper guidance from...

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Categories: men, 10th grade, 11th grade,

It's Good To Be A Cowboy
It’s good to be a cowboy,
just ask my old friend Dane,
who spends his days riding
across the Texas plains,
working for a big ranch,
he cuts, lassos, and...

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Categories: men, america, culture, fun, how

To Masculinity
Some folks say that you’re toxic,
and destroying all the world.
Some folks say that you’re reckless,
and just want to feel up girls.
I think you’re like a...

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Categories: men, culture, how i feel,

Premium Member Not Beautiful but you are you are
They say your not beautiful;
but you are, you are;
Because you were made by created by God. . .
They say your ugly, and you just don't

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Categories: men, blessing, celebrity, change, imagery,

Premium Member IN THE NAME OF

In God's name they kill to justify their crimes ignoring that eternal damnation them awaits!*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      04 June 2017


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Categories: hate, horror, men,

Ode to black men from a black woman
Dear Black Man, 

Shout out to your deep waved, shaggy, Afro picking outlines. In honor of the loose fitting jeans with the snap backed, wide...

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Categories: men, black african american, pain,

Premium Member Romans
Darkness pervades mankind 

I must cast my eyes away

Not to be blinded by the stench.......

Bound to chains of greed

Consumed thieves of power

Invasion of our...

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Categories: men, birth, cancer, character, corruption,

Probably the biggest name I’ll write about
The greatest person you’ll ever meet
As shiny as diamond which everyone likes
But remains to be silent like a normal...

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Categories: inspiration, men,

Premium Member Little Men
Little Men

They speak
Before thinking
They speak 
After drinking
They speak
When silence would make them wiser
They speak
The words of little men

Sadly they know not the land of the...

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Categories: men, anti bullying, fairy, humanity,

Premium Member Someday-Somehow-Sometime
Thoughts of her
consume my mind,
as they race
to be replaced by another.
This love reverie
of what I hope will be
the joy of love-
it's unlike any other!

There are...

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Categories: love, men, passion, relationship,

The Sword against The Flame
Dragons are not mythical
One lives within each man
One against the other,
Killing if he can
But the battle's never equal
The Sword against the Flame
The man against his...

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Categories: men, adventure, conflict, courage, hero,

Premium Member Brave Men Wade Into Shadows On Death's Ground
Brave Men Wade Into Shadows On Death's Ground

Power of one secret word can shatter all,
 send men into war and deadly harms way.
Dead and dying...

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Categories: conflict, dark, death, judgement,

Premium Member Their Precious Jewels
where *Sharia reigns
women are precious jewels
hide them from the world
let no other man behold
the diamond that you possess

guard that precious gem
her ovaries will get hurt

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Categories: men, power,