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Mackerel Poems

Mackerel Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of mackerel poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for mackerel.

New Poems

Kelso at Anchor

Kelso has a boat
smeared to the gunnels,
with cawk and greasy weeds.

At a prow of dawn
he hauls dripping lobster,
and their pots
up the scummy steps
of the silty stone harbor,
pushing a barrow
into the towns brick narrows.

Kelso barters claws and tails
to barkeeps, crab-mongers, 
to...Read More
Categories: mackerel, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

Woman in Black Colors

She cooks fish and rice,
her unfolded hips
pushing all into place.
Oils, and aromas,
train buds to lap at shadows.
The marl of her hands
turns bowls of smoke
into lemon and butter. 

I won’t get to eat the spiced Mackerel,
but I imagine my scaly head...Read More
Categories: mackerel, poems, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Laughter

A day without laughter is like a day without Happy Jack
Ya gotta wake up smilin' as your peepers open a crack
For me, it comes natural
I'm looney-toons, holy mackerel
Just practice all day, it'll come easy, you'll soon get the knack

...Read More
Categories: mackerel, happy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Mackerel Dogs Mackerel Cats
mackerel pudding
	mackerel cake
		mackerel pie for goodness sakes!

mackerel blinds
	mackerel drapes
		mackerel ice cream on chocolate cakes.

mackerel poems
	mackerel words.
		mackerel now sounds rather absurd.

mackerel dogs
	mackerel cats.
		mackerel quilts made by a skittish old bird.

...Read More
Categories: mackerel, fish,
Form: Light Verse
A Fishy Tale
One night an octopus said,
Those whelks should be in bed.
Said the herring to the plaice,
Would you please say grace.
"I say" said a passing whale,
"Is that kipper for sale."
There is somethingvery odd,
Repied a bewildered cod.
"Excuse me" asked the shark,
"Did you hear...Read More
Categories: mackerel, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme

Monsoon Turbulence
Waves leap over his roof again.
Coconut sentinels lose their heads.
His breakwater breaks, but he won’t 	
flee to the monsoon refugee camp.

People and the press stand amid 
the lightning from cameras. Their
rapture is with the waves rising 
high to touch the...Read More
Categories: mackerel, sea,
Form: Free verse
A Garbage Bin
Spicy smell metamorphoses
in the garbage.
The same chunk that stimulates 
the taste buds
induces nausea. This is a bin
of dual relief.  
As the darkness falls on the bare
reality, an arm 
stretches through the hole
that nobody tries 
to caulk. The stray man...Read More
Categories: mackerel, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Of Sinking Ships and Political Debauchery

Today captured souls sail on a Titanic-like ship 
over a new Middle Passage journey on a turbulent sea,
whose waves undulate and froth with viciousness;

The captain and crew play ping-pong
with the chartered course—the crew often loosing—
abandoning ship or otherwise simply thrown...Read More
Categories: mackerel, america, analogy, betrayal, imagery, metaphor, political, simile,
Form: Prose Poetry
Seasonal joy
We say adieu to a cornucopia 
of pleasure provided by our summer
on our travels to find natures utopia
expectations that fall will be a stunner 
beautiful sights to enjoy and discover,

With crops harvested, land replenished 
fertilized and rewarded with freshness 
landscapes...Read More
Categories: mackerel, autumn, emotions, hope, imagery,
Form: Quintain (English)
Saturday Farmers' Market
Saturday Farmers’ Market 

Here’s how it goes at our Farmers’ Market:
shoppers all ages, clothing, and races,
parents push bundled babies in strollers, 
children dash eagerly through the crowd. 
Others meander to and fro, seeking 
new food and old faces they know....Read More
Categories: mackerel, children, community, confusion, family, fruit, humor, society,
Form: I do not know?
I've got a dish of killifish
I wish to eat that silly fish
Baked, or fried in peanut oil
Roasted, dried, or let to boil.

Make me a star-gazy pie
Take me to the Catfish Fry
Lead me to the China Sea
Feed me hermit crabs and...Read More
Categories: mackerel, animal, fish, fishing, food, funny, sea, word
Form: Rhyme
Best foot forward
The new year now is creeping into view
with resolutions, hopes and dreams galore,
so this year what I thought that I would do
is get off on the right foot weeks before.
I've upped the rate I pace at when I walk
to burn...Read More
Categories: mackerel, health,
Form: Sonnet
Autumn Royal

Mother Nature makes seasonal progress 
as cold autumnal winds crimson our cheeks,
grandiose trees shed umber morning dress
mackerel skies on fire behind mountain peaks 
reflected in slow running pumpkin creeks,
from long hot humid days to long dark nights
we will now enjoy...Read More
Categories: mackerel, imagery, memory, nature, seasons, weather,
Form: Rhyme royal
Go Fishing
There is no peace to equal that, of fishing by a Lake, 
Or a stream, or river broad, or pond within a wood, 
If worries you would cast away, take a fishing break, 
Nature, is the balm that Soothes, the...Read More
Categories: mackerel, adventure, fishing, friendship, philosophy,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Dolphin Family
I awakened to
A vast ocean in front of me
And dolphins at play
Jumping out of the water
And into waves
Catching mackerel to eat
Teaching their newborns to swim
Coming up to the surface
Whenever they need air
Fighting off sharks
That eat them for meals
They are so...Read More
Categories: mackerel, animal, beautiful, beauty, nature,
Form: Free verse
The systematic sugar stirs soup
A parasympathetic parody in a par is neither equivalent to a vineyard crushed into a jar or a hammock in a cartwheeling car in a traffic jam. Human hypothesis having heaped havoc. And mackerel make excellent navigators in shopping trolleys....Read More
Categories: mackerel, angel, april, aubade,
Form: I do not know?
Mackerel sky blue and light blue strips 
perhaps it was the zebra of the sea swimming away in haste 
                    ...Read More
Categories: mackerel, april,
Form: Blank verse
You broke my heart
It was a break of dawn, when this heart was scattered into pieces,
The beautiful morning was devastated and turned into lugubriousness…
The heart full of happiness and love suddenly now in distress,
Unexpectedly a beautiful soul has departed, and this heart was...Read More
Categories: mackerel, death, depression, hurt, pain,
Form: Rhyme
New Year's Resolutions
Jim Daley and Joe McCarthy had something in common. They died at 80 going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Walt O'Brien, their protege, found this out when he called the homes of both men on New...Read More
Categories: mackerel, new year,
Form: Prose
A Fishy Tale
Said a Cod to a wise old Eel,
I would like to know how you feel?
Though people snack on dips,
Lots more eat fish and chips.
They say it has great meal appeal!

Said the Eel to the wise old Cod,
I find that unusually...Read More
Categories: mackerel, allusion, fantasy, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme
Birds at Sea
Adrift upon the ocean  
bob a bunch of resting birds.
What is it that they call themselves?
A flock or school or herd?

Could it be this feathered colony  
is a band or horde at best
No screeches, calls or gaggling,
they don’t...Read More
Categories: mackerel, bird, children, nature,
Form: Quatrain
The fulton fish market
The Fulton fish market 
Day breaks early on the misty water front 
the streets wake outside South Street 
to  sounds of fog horns fading in the distance 

Morning comes alive to the music of work 
sounds of...Read More
Categories: mackerel, appreciation, beauty,
Form: Free verse
On Taddie Clyde
On Taddie Clyde the Barnsley broke,
In gumboot made of tin.
We cast the hour that gently stroke
And all who sail within.

Through faulty eyeballs thick with sleep
We watch the mackerel crow,
And gather up the blunderbuss
In rain or frozen snow.

Bad apple from an...Read More
Categories: mackerel, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme
Mr Puss Cat
Mr Puss Cat.

There was a cat, called Marmalade,
he rolled in the sun, and played and played,
he chased bees and butterflies, in the yard,
climbed trees and jumped fences,
then got bored.

The house where he lived
was on a slope,
that went down to a...Read More
Categories: mackerel, cat, children, ocean, poems,
Form: Rhyme
pale paleontologist playing piccolos
A pea in a blanket.  help assistance is required for the gnome was drawing near to the fire but was blocked by a rat who has morphed into a bee. Worker bee. Good. Fantastic. And now the baboon ensures...Read More
Categories: mackerel, basketball, bible,
Form: I do not know?