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Premium Member Raging Time
Patience and length of time does more than force and rage
This I have come to learn with age
Repeating destructive patterns, like an LP skipping
Over my own radical behaviour I am tripping

Drug and alcohol counselling and 2 self-help courses
Listening to opinions...Read More
Categories: lp, abuse, addiction, anxiety, boyfriend, break up, care,
Form: Rhyme

entro vatt quasi de amore
look away
now turn
hope you like it
I was thinking
 about you
sweet expressions
and words only do so much
a symbol of togetherness
encourages others to
feel about us
the way we
 feel about our being together
when those who encourage
 us to be best and right
never being...Read More
Categories: lp, engagement,
Form: Ballad
entro vatt quasi de amore
look away
now turn
hope you like it
I was thinking
 about you
sweet expressions
and words only do so much
a symbol of togetherness
encourages others to
feel about us
the way we
 feel about our being together
when those who encourage
 us to be best and right
never being...Read More
Categories: lp, love, music,
Form: Ballad
The Marshall Mathers LP
Passed around foster families because my parents failed me
They were too busy drinking and fighting to feed me and make sure I was healthy
I was all alone and scared with no one to help me
But I found my belief and...Read More
Categories: lp, deep, inspiration, music, thank you, tribute, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The DJ
The DJ plays wrong songs
for greens
and blues,
blacks and browns,
and opaquely sacred matriarchal reds,
both natural
and spiritual
progressive parties too all-encompassing
to quickly divest 
of octave ageless ending
beginning right with left footed again.

never learned to dance outdoors
or even organically half-dressed
to impress,

To preach
devolved true meaning,
That...Read More
Categories: lp, culture, green, health, humor, muse, music, relationship,
Form: Political Verse
Post It Please
There I was living out in the country
just me with my parents just us three
not a lot of folk would drop in
so the postman was welcome to see

Every day came in from my work
first thing I thought what's the post
I...Read More
Categories: lp, friendship love, life, me,
Form: Rhyme
Inspired by Slim Shady
You can probably tell I've always been inspired by Slim Shady 
By the way I rhyme words and the fact my pen's crazy
I'm the equivalent to Jason Voorhees listening to the Marshall Mathers LP with a pen in his hand...Read More
Categories: lp, fun, funny, inspiration, inspirational, rap,
Form: Free verse

Hip-Hop Taught me
Parents weren't around to raise me, all I had was words and lyrics from rappers 
Excuse me, if I act like Hip-Hop is the only thing that matters
Nas, Rakim,Tupac and Eminem taught me more than any book
Hip-Hop Taught me more...Read More
Categories: lp, deep, devotion, growing up, growth, hip hop,
Form: Free verse
Dream Series: The Rare LP
Last night I dreamed I owned a Beatles album from their break-up period that was never officially released and even most Beatles experts didn't know it existed.

 I had one because I'd had a lover who had partied with Paul...Read More
Categories: lp, dream, fantasy, music, old, remember, sleep, teen,
Form: Prose Poetry
The only thing forever
Girl, for you I have a few plans
I want to make you happy and be your new man
But I can only promise today, Tomorrow may not come
And the only thing forever is Wu-Tang

Hip-Hop saved my life so it will always...Read More
Categories: lp, growing up, growth, hip hop, meaningful, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Remember
As long as I can remember
came Christmas cards in December -
    my aunts back home to thank.
With glad tidings at yuletide
and always tucked away inside
      a cheque from Barclays Bank.

Looking back as...Read More
Categories: lp, blessing, childhood, christmas,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What Kind of Man You Are
What kind of man would rape  his Mother 
What kind of man you are 
What kind of man would kill his brother 
What kind of man you are 
Save his soul 
Vile, low down, wretched sinful one
Where you coming...Read More
Categories: lp, allusion, conflict, confusion, corruption, judgement, sympathy,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member I Long For You
I, I long for you, you
Caress me girl
Believe in me
I would miss you girl
If you were to ever leave me
You packed up your bags
And you leave me all alone
I lonnnng for you ooh, ooh
I long for you
Don't stop, don't stop
Till...Read More
Categories: lp, break up, celebrity, dedication, emotions, feelings, heartbreak,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member I Walk Away From Yesterday
Here I am again
Still without a friend
I am at all ends
I'm lonely

Left without a bone
Starving and hungry
Alto! troubles shown
I shall not belong
I walk away from yesterday
And I'm feeling sorrow
I walk away
From yesterday
I awaiting brighter tomorrows;

I walk away from yesterday;
And I'm...Read More
Categories: lp, allusion, analogy, appreciation, celebration, community, confusion, depression,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member And I Won't Give Up
I was a missionary, being lead by my heart;  (by God)
God has sent me here to regain a new start;
To witness and help those whose hurting;
To free and comfort all those whose deserving;

And I won't give up;  ...Read More
Categories: lp, adventure, blessing, confidence, courage, encouraging, inspirational, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member How do I know That The World is Not the Answer
Verse 1.
How do I know the sun is going to rise;
And how do  I know I can see through my eyes;

How do I know I got space;
When no one wants me to embrace;

      ...Read More
Categories: lp, analogy, god, hope, inspirational, introspection, symbolism, world,
Form: Lyric

Miss American pie has a dream -
whipped cream of tijuana brass.

Groovy tunes quit on smoking grass.
Frisbee LP like steaming saucers crash.

The homecoming court is plastered.
What could possibly be the matter?

Moon rockets in flight, rock me all...Read More
Categories: lp, america, baby, death, murder, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Heard About You
I heard about you from my from my mama's mom 
Heard about you when my parents took me to church 
Heard about you from the people in the aisles
I heard about you
I heard about you 

I heard about you in...Read More
Categories: lp, blessing, celebration, confidence, devotion, encouraging, god,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member All alone part 2
I'm all alone by myself 
I'm all alone by myself 
I have never been to the place of my life where I been so alone 
No one to hold me know what who cares
Alone to face a thousand dangers
All the...Read More
Categories: lp, analogy, anxiety, confusion, depression, happiness, heartbreak, how
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Let The Rain Kiss You
Let the rain kiss you;
Let the early morning dew fall on you;
Let the sun embrace you;
Let it rise and give you a brightest day;

I am come to mind;
This is the time, to rejoice in it;
I have been reminded that God...Read More
Categories: lp, appreciation, beautiful, celebration, good morning, gospel, i
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The World May End Tomorrow
(sounds of a baby crying--waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa awaaaa)....

The world that we live in now is filled with so much corruption;
I believe today that we've on the eve of our own destruction;
What can I do, what shall I choose;
 How much...Read More
Categories: lp, allusion, dedication, environment, farewell, fate, inspirational, world,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Brown Eyes
Brown eyes you're so beautiful, it just accord to me;
That your so beautiful, why didn't I open my eyes to see;
When I'm lost and so all alone;
I've lost that loving feeling, that's not now my own;
and when ever you need...Read More
Categories: lp, beautiful, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, passion, romantic, wife,
Form: Lyric
Hip Hop saved my life
Growing up in care I never had my family by my side
I was damaged and lost as a child
Hood up to hide my face and I would never smile
But Hip Hop saved my life

Heard the Marshall Mathers LP when I...Read More
Categories: lp, dedication, deep, desire, devotion, hip hop, rap,
Form: Free verse
I'll Be Here All Week
*And then, I am finally free from house arrest 
- Which is better news for me than it is for you and your family*

...I am bloodletting
All of my frustration
With a wee-bit 
Of Danbert Nobacon...

...This is what usually happens:
Whenever someone listens 
To...Read More
Categories: lp, angst, cheer up, drug, hyperbole, music, suicide,
Form: Free verse
Our Love Attraction
Copyright © 2008
8/04/2008 No.32
(to you from men eyes)

Is it those adorable lips,
or the motion of your hips?

Is it the way you speak,
or the way we freak?

Is it your alluring perfume,
or in the way you groom?

Is it the way you sit,
that...Read More
Categories: lp, anniversary, cute love, feelings, first love, love,
Form: Couplet