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School List Poems

These School List poems are examples of List poems about School. These are the best examples of List School poems written by international poets.

10 Questions For The Stairs
1. Why are there so many of you? I get it, repetition is for emphasis but repetition also annoys me.

2. Why up? Why not another...

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Categories: life,

The List

His name is Bob and he is a mechanic 
He suffers from liver disease 
But doesn't panic

He is in need of a transplant
It's very urgent...

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Categories: list, health, life, poems, recovery

The Name List

I have a list of names that deserve to be fired.
Some are teachers
Some are therapist
Some are school staff
Some are shelter workers
Some are acs workers
They all...

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Categories: list, truth,

There's no way to go back, sometimes I wish there was,
we'd pluck out the highlights, just simply because;
I'm not going to give a catalogue, a...

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Categories: list, beauty, blessing, high school,

Premium Member Santa Claus Loses His Naughty or Nice List
Santa lost his “NAUGHTY or NICE” list this year, 
What happened to the helpful elves he hired?
Which SPOILED children will exuberate in cheer, 
which one...

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Categories: list, children, christmas, humor,

Premium Member Poetic Inspiration 101
Poetic Inspiration 101

What inspires me to write poetry?

an old man on a park bench mumbling
weightless hawks floating on updrafts
trash strewn city streets
school buses at 5AM

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Categories: poetry, writing,

Premium Member A List of Stupid Things We Do
Here is a list of stupid things we do, in habit without objection,
Happily recycling the actions of others without a blink or question.

We lose daylight...

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Categories: list, life, society,

The Dilemma of a Student
Hindi, English, maths are mine
Science so boring from my sight 
I wanna fight with social science
Maths: my passion,
English: love
Hindi, you an Indian law
All you Britishers...

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Categories: confusion, fun, mental illness,

call me on my butterscotch
1. heath ledger resides in my closet
2. i don't smoke
3. my weight worries me
4. i tell them everything
5. cats are better than dogs
6. cats should...

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Categories: judgement, nonsense, old, school,

Things I Miss
Nostalgic Nights.
The smell of gas in the vintage moped I drove an hour to buy, 
Driving down that small-town street at night,
Lit by the dim...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, divorce, family,

One Nation
One Nation.
8 social class groups; 
63 million people; 
50,000 millionaires; and 
100,000 homeless. 
One Nation.

One Nation.
Two parliaments; two assemblies 
6 mainstream parties; 
650 MPs; (27 ethnic minorities MPs); but
35% of the...

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Categories: money, poverty, power,

killing myself
Go kill yourself that is all I heard at school
But I can’t I have a family 
It would take all my sorrows and trials away...

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Categories: anxiety, bullying, cry, dark,

Premium Member What I Accomplished
What I Accomplished

Today I made my way to school
I sat in back and played it cool.
I think of all I might have missed
and then I...

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Categories: childhood, children, fantasy, children,

The Fifties
Slide-out Coke machines
Bubble gum baseball cards
Superman/Batman comics
Full service gas stations
25 cents a gallon
Dial phones
AM radio
Fats Domino
Black & white TV
Rabbit-ear antennae
Three channels
I Love Lucy
Drive-in movies
Double dating

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Categories: nostalgia,

On the Naughty List
It's Christmas Eve and little Steve is sleeping like an angel
He knows Santa's sleigh is on the way with cookies on the table
The stockings are...

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Categories: list, children, christmas, humorous,

The Christmas Wish List
The Christmas wish list.
In school, the other day.
We had to make a Christmas wish list for Santa
I wished for a doll for my sister 

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Notes on Dating a Latino: What You Don't Learn in High School Spanish Class
One. Latino boys like Buffalo Wild Wings. It isn't clear why, but it's definitely emerging as a pattern.

Two. Latino boys are persistent. When he asks...

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Categories: boyfriend, culture, cute love,

The First Day of High School
Concrete jail like walls,
Butterflies flying around in my stomach, 
Wandering around in a big school,
Mouthwatering PB and J for lunch,
Never ending day,
Eyes drooping from exhaustion,

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Categories: education, high school, school,

Premium Member Qualities of Health Engendering Women
They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, black

Premium Member 10 Things to Eat Instead of Red Meat
Is your go-to lunch roast beef sandwich?
Tomorrow you might want turkey instead
Here is why
In gen. red meat- such as roast beef

Not as healthy as other...

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Categories: baseball, boyfriend, brother, child,