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People List Poems

These People List poems are examples of List poems about People. These are the best examples of List People poems written by international poets.

Premium Member List- regarding my CAT
I have a fluffy cat named Snuggles.  She is total tranquility-  at peace with
herself and the world, but, oh my gosh, she is...

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Categories: cat, love,

List Of False Logic Tautologies
Tautologies always repeat themselves in non sequential order
All philosophies revolve around the suns of tautologies
There are endless suns orbiting Earth all named Henry
Shoes wear feat...

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Categories: judgement, nonsense, philosophy,

Figures of Eight
That's a tall girl,
lean and tan,
pretty as a picture. 

This kid's short,
pale but chubby,
and yes, pretty in her hazel eyes.

This girl, with curly hair,
fair, pretty,...

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Categories: 10th grade, girl, people,

Wisdom Of The Following List
Fear not the sleeping Llamas (they dream of grass not you)
Fall not into sin (volcanoes would be better)
Save coupons and your soul (in no particular...

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Categories: list, appreciation, mystery, pets, silly,

The Kitty Cat To Do List
Kill the yellow bird (the one in the cage)
Change its name from Tweety to Dinner
Eat the evidence down to the last feather
Stay clear from the...

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Categories: list, abuse, animal, cat, dog,

10 Questions For The Stairs
1. Why are there so many of you? I get it, repetition is for emphasis but repetition also annoys me.

2. Why up? Why not another...

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Categories: life,

Three questions
Three little questions, I’m asking you now, please don’t ask why, please don’t ask how, just look to your heart, and answer with truth, I’ll...

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Categories: list, blessing, change, freedom, hurt,

Odd Story ii
Damn it's G,
Yes I'm him: El or him
That's what she said,
But she ain't sad
Switching switches,
And Fused Light bulbs
Twisted turning tables,
In Dead living rooms-
Thou shall know...

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Categories: allegory, art, riddle,

Your Next Door Neighbor
(using)       profanity
(listening)   heavy metal
(voting)      Donald Trump
(abstaining) bathing
(acting)     ...

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Categories: humor, humorous,

A List Of Things Less Needed
1.) An amoeba on the cellular level
2.) A flashlight on the sun
3.) The Colorado River at 2:15 am
4.) Thursdays on the moon
5.) Oxygen....Strike that....We need...

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Categories: fun, image, judgement, silly,

Premium Member List of Tributes to Veterans
TO:  My fellow Veterans and all my fellow Soupers 

Listed below are the titles to poems I have written over the years that pay...

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Categories: list, death, death of a

Truth Is
Truth Is...

Truth is whatever you want it to be!
Truth can be both or neither conceptual and perceptual!
Truth can be both or neither objective and subjective!

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Categories: allusion, analogy, deep, humorous,

Premium Member The Promises of Praying the Rosary
The following promises were given of the Blessed Mother to Saint Dominic and Blessed Alan in the twelfth century
These promises are fifteen in number
and are...

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Categories: christian, community, faith, hope,

List of world changes
There's a list I need to finish
If I am going to win this
War on how this world is not
Living from the loving hearts
Everyone has deep...

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Categories: list, change, community, hope, world,

I just don't get it
I walk on blood 
I cry a river,
I always look down 
I shout why?
I Love and hate,
I always feel cold
I'm scared of my fate.

A Burn...

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Categories: blue,

As an adult
As An Adult
Admit mistakes
Consistently learning
Money manager

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Categories: people,

Today's List
Never die from natural causes
Shoot bullets into water instead
Drink wine with breakfast
Learn to take your heart attacks 
Love them back with buttered bread 
Make sure...

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Categories: list, education, fun, identity, imagination,

The Name List

I have a list of names that deserve to be fired.
Some are teachers
Some are therapist
Some are school staff
Some are shelter workers
Some are acs workers
They all...

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Categories: list, truth,

Santa's list
Santa's list
Picture by Alan L Boles

Santa... I don't want any toys
This year,
I've changed my mind!!!

Please...all I want is my daddy,

I've heard mummy crying,
And it makes...

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Categories: list, poems,

Santa's list
Santa's list
Picture by Alan L Boles

Santa... I don't want any toys
This year,
I've changed my mind!!!

Please...all I want is my daddy,

I've heard mummy crying,
And it makes...

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