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Introspection Life Poems

These Introspection Life poems are examples of Life poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Life Introspection poems written by international poets.

The wild, wild, west he shot his last gun,
the felon, that thought he had won.

His boots are now kicking his big toe,
He's left a trail...

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Categories: death, destiny, introspection, life,

The Search For Atonement


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Categories: life, forgiveness, how i feel,

Allow her to weep buckets
Often she is at the end of her wits
Trying to understand herself
Trying to understand others
And why, 
She is a dunce at life
It is said, life...

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Categories: life, angst, blue, introspection,

Premium Member 'Broken Crayons'
Broken crayons in my bag
Still has a purpose 
It can add color to a dull day 
Words, you are afraid to say 
Can be shared...

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Categories: introspection, life,

Premium Member another sunrise

there are days
i don't think
i have it in me
to carry on

AP: Honorable Mention 2021

Posted on October 11, 2021...

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Categories: courage, grief, introspection, life,

Premium Member An Old Man's Song
From birth ‘til we die
What inner-self can’t deny
For each to follow 

Lay down, then stand up
Commands, they still coming forth
Act and dream, same thing.


Oh, we...

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Categories: life, age, confusion, destiny, discrimination,

Premium Member The Insight

You say : the cacophony of  life’s journey you can’t bear,
travelling with the irate strangers on the crowded path.
I say : listen, you’ll surely...

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Categories: analogy, inspirational, introspection, life,

I forgot to remember
I didn't write a poem for September,
I forgot to remember.
I didn't plant seeds for Christmas flowers,
I forgot to remember.
I didn't feel the pain as I...

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Categories: introspection, life,

Premium Member 'You once told me'
You once told me
It wouldn't change
Yet it did
But it was expected
Change is norm
It's how we react to it
That determines the outcome
I am so much more...

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Categories: introspection, life, words,

Flawed Existence Dividends
Nubs and dents and chips and strings
                 Imperfect world...

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Categories: life, how i feel, introspection,

Premium Member A Poem
A poem can be a gift left on the kitchen table or on your desk
It can be rhymed or simple like a light letter.
A poem...

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Categories: dream, introspection, life, mystery,


To judge perfection is to define flaws
Flaws, judged the varicoloured blight
That separates the sameness of humanity
That which makes you - YOU, and I...

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Categories: life, africa, allusion, humanity, introspection,


i’ve lived my life so far
with one simple guiding adage
it’s served me well i think
though i’ll never truly know

these days it seems somehow
to weigh heaviest...

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Categories: fear, heart, introspection, life,

Premium Member 'sometimes'
Sometimes it's the minuscule moments
That makes you sit up
The unplanned ones that takes your breath away
When you take it all in
It's the random blessings that...

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Categories: introspection, life,

Premium Member Each one a Jewel
This evening I sit in solitude
the dark sky of night lays sprawled before me
drawing me towards reflections of all I can remember
deeds I have done,...

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Categories: introspection, life,