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Carpe Diem Life Poems

These Carpe Diem Life poems are examples of poetry about Carpe Diem Life. These are the best examples of Life Carpe Diem poems written by international poets.


When life review is an unconscious calling,
It is closure that’s invisibly in the room  

When muddling in the mire of memories,
It is evolution that’s...

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Categories: life, anniversary, confusion,


How tedious it is waiting for Death 
When She is still dressing up
To sit in a quagmire of silent prayer
While sandwiches turn dry


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Categories: death, emotions, life, time,

Do not Cry While I Die
Once, we had unlimited fun
Until life’s duties had us on a run 
Memories consumed us old, 
yet, for new experiences we jump
Please, do not cry,...

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Categories: life, allegory, care, courage, death,


A highlander stands alone 
on the crest of a high hill
quietly playing the bagpipes
stirring the tree branches in the mist of...

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Categories: day, life,

Premium Member Find Relief - Get Self Belief
We’re not a prisoner of yesterday,
Nor a hostage of tomorrow.
Collect the lessons from the past,
But leave behind its sorrow. 

In the present we are shining,

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Categories: life, anxiety, destiny, hope, inspiration,

Premium Member Comes the Time in Our Lives
Comes the time in our lives
When we must seriously think about the future,
Make the plans necessary for the continuation of our lives
Long after we have...

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Categories: death, future, life,

how many sustain their own sanity
pointing to the coherence of the words themselves?
see how they fit together, they say,
here I put a nice and long...

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Categories: life, analogy, philosophy, society,

Trouvaille:Oh, These underrated realities
Hasta la vista to boredom binges
Wonder lurks on and going out feels different,I appreciate it so much more
Like I notice things and soak in stuff...

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Categories: adventure, imagery, life, literature,

Premium Member Live Life Fully
Life sure is grand!
   It's an adventure decorated in
     Vibrant, breathtaking colors,

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Categories: inspirational, life, wisdom,

Break Free
Break free
live well
push yourself
give life hell

Live it to the fullest
do all the things that scare
don't let things stop you
don't just sit and stare

Go out there...

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Categories: life, adventure, courage, encouraging, feelings,

I F They Saw your grandiose smile

  If the world let itself warm

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Categories: life, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor,


         Don't listen to failure,
         don't trust in success...

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Categories: life, allegory, allusion, appreciation, caregiving,

Premium Member 103 First Floor West
He thinks of dreams he often dreamed
In early morn, while yet it seemed
The young looked up to him with searching eyes
As deep and distant as...

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Categories: age, destiny, life, metaphor,

Premium Member Live to the Maximum
garnish your gusto
dance your joy
live for this second
expend enthusiasm
this moment belongs to you
live to the maximum
shout your truth


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Categories: life,

Put Me to Sleep
It's midnight,
I see the Blue-Black sky,
Like my bruised soul,
And shattered life,
Hold me in your arms,
Put me to sleep,
Endless nights,
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Creeps,
Maybe I wake up...

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Categories: life, anxiety, conflict, dark, depression,