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Memory Italian Sonnet Poems

These Memory Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Memory. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Memory poems written by international poets.

How do I capture a fleeting moment,
If in the moment I don’t know it will slip away?
A memory that will slither out of my mind,...

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Categories: 11th grade, anxiety, memory,

Mincemeat Tarts
Me mother used to make a mince-meat tart,
Old country way, with loads of shredded meat!
Can’t say, I liked it, till the second bite!
And then, the...

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Categories: appreciation, christmas, food, joy,

Dirty Angels Lost
Hear the untold song we sing at any cost,
Though the crowd may laugh and children, jeer:
Through the parting clouds, lascivious angels leer,
Till a fall from...

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Categories: angel, assonance, fantasy, heaven,

Premium Member Next Time
When all the lines you crossed but didn't see
Grow darker by the day upon your face
Your rosy blush of youth has been erased
And cheeks are...

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Categories: how i feel,

Premium Member Melodious Memories Golden Oldies
Engulfed in recollections bittersweet
Reminded just how lonely life can be
How sad the fact that mem'ries are not free
From train of thought pass shadows in the...

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Categories: memory, music,

Premium Member Ghost Town Memories
While wand'ring ghost town scenes of memories
Loose mind like shutters bang in channeled thoughts
Old haunting spirits restless and distraught
Now roam deserted streets like tumbleweeds
Dirt devils...

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Categories: angst, memory,

Inspired by Another
She gazes forth, forlorn, her splendor inspired, her grieving vast 
It was three hundred years since the Bard of Avon did create
An ode to her...

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Categories: beauty, longing, lost love,

Premium Member Sufficient Unto the Day
Let the evils of the day suffice to themselves,
And the dark not descend to deeper depths.
Let our better angels draw their subtle breaths,
To softly sing...

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Categories: introspection, life, peace, psychological,


Ah quanta nostalgia
Ah what memories

Mentre tutto va
When everything’s going

Oltre I limiti della mia fantasia
Beyond your wildest dreams

Dove tutto e paradise se 
Where all is paradise


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Categories: introspection, memory, nostalgia,

Premium Member When Winter Comes
When winter comes there's wind, rain, bitter cold
There's white everywhere from frost, ice, and snow
Bare tree limbs are tossed by strong winds that blowww
Close to...

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Categories: life, memory,

From head to toe, energy flows,
Each time she shows her unique style
Miles away, with a unique smile,
Infused with the most unique glow.
Inspired to show what...

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Categories: dedication,

Two Portraits of Love
The flower and the soil

   ‘O, flower, if you’ll be
rooted to me firmly, 
you’ll be standing proud; 
I’ll not let you fall.
I’ll nourish...

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© Robert Uy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, me, time,

Premium Member Sisterly Examples
When I was young, I had a great disdain
for Campell's nasty soup named Alphabet.
One Saturday it was our mother's threat
we had to eat it up...

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Categories: family, funny, mom, sister,

When You Leave Me

If you never come back to me,
if you break your promise,
if you cause my demise.
Will you just leave me be,
or my pain will you...

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Categories: introspection, life, loss, lost

If only she could have come with a book,
That told me exactly how to use her,
Then her memory would not be a blur,
And I could...

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Categories: lost loveme, me,

A Blue Rose Sings
Upon a deep blue rose, a scented song,
so delicate of harmony and sweet;
a melody, whose strains of love replete
I mused upon. To whom could it...

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Categories: introspection, lost love, love,

Premium Member Cedar Chest of Memories
Music fills the air, as the  radio plays
Letting go of memories, bringing back forgotten faces
Daddy took that photograph...a captured you, a smiling trace
A magic...

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Categories: daughter, love, mother,

Premium Member Watching My Love Sleep
She lies there dreaming so peacefully;
Perfection, surrounded by snow white sheets.
The rhythm of her breath, my heart beats,
Aroused with love’s passion enslaving me.
Supple curves define...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lovelonging,

Last night I dreamed, your house decayed away
In that same way, your body must be now
Your memory is lost in me somehow
What you once were,...

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Categories: deathhouse, house,

My Father
My father...
You are a unique flower
This is how I keep you
In my heart forever
Until the sunset waves goodbye
My father...
You dwell now in the heart of...

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Categories: fatherbeautiful, heart, beautiful, heart,