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Animal Imagism Poems

These Animal Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Imagism Animal poems written by international poets.

Muscle bound
Are we heading for the same fate as civilisations past?
As we grow too fast,
On too big a repast.

Our muscles bound up in red tape,
Bending us...

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Categories: analogy, animal, autumn, blue,

September Daze Haint Sapphire Away
Already the month
     of August 2018,
     May never become 
     a je June'm

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Categories: 12th grade, 9th grade,

Puppy in trouble
Puppy knows not the world it is born
The mother is wise to hide behind silence

When it grows it gets truth from no one
a world of...

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Categories: analogy, animal,

Spirit Wolf
Infuse me with your appetite
for effortless freedom.
Yearning for your wisdom.
Encourage me:
Intuitively to
embrace you as my partner -
to love and to hold,
till death us do part.


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Categories: myth, native american, spiritual,

Walking amidst latent Christmas —
path of pines
with diverse needles,
in the Summer-soaked sun.
A chipmunk nestled in its soft branch
— the chosen one.


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Categories: animal, summer, tree,

Premium Member AS IS MOMENT 27 one liner
a kite on high espies a prey...

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Categories: animal, imagery, nature,

There was a giraffe
There was a giraffe
living somewhere in the savannas
a nightmare was its confusing life
laughable its appearance
   Bits of its head dotted the body
the tail...

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Categories: animal, fairy, irony,

Overrun By Teddy Bears And Beanie Babies
twas the bright idea of zee missus aye air
and dedicate this poem
(yes tis correct, if you bare
lee remember this mister

did formerly she push duck clear

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member STILL POINT 45
the owl
awaits dinner-
to appear...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member STILL POINT 13
   the cud...

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Categories: animal, food,


Group of about eight
Dusky-toned  hawk-eyed young men
Dodged off the main sidewalk :
Sprang into  storefront
Under the overhanging trees
Watching intently through...

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Categories: animal, city, immigration,

Hurricane Harvey Landfall August 27th 2017
This long time doodling Yankee 
(who calls Southeastern Montgomery, Pennsylvania LV
plus III four seasons visited 
   upon swath of topography to see
and hear...

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Categories: america, courage, environment, loss,

Premium Member Earth Praise
The high and lofty mountains, stand Tall.
The boisterous waves are applauding. 
The rooster crows to commence.
Musicians of dolphins, humpbacks and orcas:
Start playing their vocal orchestras.

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Categories: animal, beauty, christian, creation,

Silent Strike
Obsidian velvet
Parts the leaves;
Silent paws impress
The land and in
Moonlit shadows;
A great specter hides.
In one swift flash
Of light and shadow-play,
Panther takes his prey.

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Categories: animal, cat, image, imagery,

The owls hoot nearby;

The screech-owl calls;

The wolves howl in the distance;

The beetles tap and tap in an endless charade

The cicada seems like it won’t give...

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Categories: imagination, lost,

Human Body is a Farm
Human is an animal farm
where all are equal in roles
the head is the think tank
stomach is the granary
eyes the tour guides
nose the chemist
mouth the sales...

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Categories: body, metaphor,

Premium Member A whale's view of the ocean
Oh graceful enchanting Ocean!
Your brilliant mesmerising waves
captivated my heart,
I can hear them calling to me,
can feel them
embracing me gently
As you summon them back and forth,

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Categories: adventure, animal, ocean, sea,

This is the time I'll talk about Cage,
Posting it on the media and not standing on a Stage,
Without wasting much time, let me open this...

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Categories: africa, age, analogy, animal,

The Animal State
No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruption
Or even there was no any of natural calamities,
A sudden loud sound broke out all through the bush
With whizzing,...

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Categories: dark,

Out Of Feelings
desert sucks upper water to store in the deep
trees, plants, herbs and grasses are about to die
sunshine reflects on mirages there
mirages elude and mislead the...

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Categories: abuse, anger, conflict, confusion,