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People Idyll (Idyl) Poems

These People Idyll (Idyl) poems are examples of Idyll (Idyl) poems about People. These are the best examples of Idyll (Idyl) People poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Farmers Are Never Idle
Harvest is over,
Crops are in, and
Falls's first killing frost
Stirs feelings of melancholy
Sustained by winter's cold,
With its bare trees,
Migration, hibernation, 
Wisdom of fallow fields and 

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, farm, tree, winter,

Premium Member Breaking truth'
And in time... Mankind said lets make a god in our own image.

Let us describe him as powerless, let us emasculate him
Understanding He is not...

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Categories: absence, confusion,

to my future daugter
 To my future daughter.
This world is a disgusting place
This world will not allow you to be fragile
I have grown to learn.
You and I are...

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Categories: baby, daughter, giving, poetry,

Gone are the days,
However unforgettable days
Of great loss of humanity,
Where people were preys to others,
Killed massively,
Yet innocent enough not to deserve even a pinch,
Eliminating one...

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Categories: death, forgiveness, freedom, remember,

Welcome Home Brother
The trees and the hills are singing songs of blessing in your mother’s land paving into Kingdom of love banging into healthy situation to welcome...

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Categories: appreciation, childhood,


Dew-risen art the dawn of life
This life, my passage 
Curiosity arrays his patient plight
Against the willy-nilly hours of time
Up and down, side to side 

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Categories: africa, allusion, irony,

The Train Immortal
The train immortal blazes a path
Through the seasons of Norway, stopping at my doorstep
To unload a passenger, who looks at me,
Then lounges back,
Taking an apple...

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© J. Amorose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel,

Premium Member - Old But Still Beautiful -


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Categories: beautiful, garden, nostalgia,

Over-nighting it on the Dreamer's Yacht
The ship is always loaded
With misty looking folks
Who fill the decks and cabins
Wrapped in dreamers’ cloaks

No one lies too far 
Or near the closest sleeper

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© KJ Hooten  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, imagination, peace, night,

Beethoven Opus 133---poetically
Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Categories: history, inspirational, music, nostalgia,

Strange Air
I can smell my past in the particles of air that surround me.
Familiar images flood through my mind.
All that was lost, from all that has...

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Categories: childhoodme,

Of The Fleur De Lis
Gentle woman of masculinity,
Her passion for the above never matched,
A war time hero leading down the path,
Fighting for the righting of all mans’ ways,
A heroine...

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Categories: faith, history, inspirational, people,

I Stand Alone
I stand alone in the dusty wind,
I've been left out there, stranded from people's grins,
I stood alone for many years now
Watching the cars pass by...

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© Sara Zahed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: places, space, visionary, me,

A draught
The late afternoon sun falls slowly in the sky
its radiant heat so strong as to slow time
for all sad creatures sitting squinting
gazing in the distance,...

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Categories: imagination, introspection, mystery, natural


I love two women.
From  Benninden.
They are beautiful and divine.
Both of them. mine.
Choose.  My fate.
Mary or Kate.

Mary is blond and Kate red.
Mary I'm fond,...

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Categories: love, people, love,

A Village After Rain
It rains no more for the sky is blue
And the red earth is warm again.
Roofs of houses steam in the sun,
And there's smell of clean...

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Categories: children, happiness, nature, people,

My Land
A land that captures your attention;
encapsulate your thoughts of natural beauty and tranquility
A land of divine sunshine.
A place of seashores; a land with momentum water...

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Categories: nature, people, places, visionary,

Perth...The hidden Beauty.
A hidden beauty 
From the world around
Far to go, much to see
How can one not go

The city is small with shops galore
The towns are wide,...

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Categories: adventure, life, nature, beauty,

Swamp Idyl
Somewhere off by a stream, 
an old Rabbit told a tale
to his forty eight grand kids
and great grandkids,
Under the sunny sun they sat,
the oldster under...

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Categories: animals, friendship, people, sun,

“America the beautiful, the home of our brave.”
Liberty is what our neighboring allies long for and crave.

“The world will little not, nor long remember” what...

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Categories: devotion, family, inspirational, people,