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Winter Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Winter Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Winter poems written by international poets.

Little Lily
Little lily lost in leisure 
Trying to trace her long lost treasure 
Where to find and where to not 
But ended up finding what she...

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Categories: care, character, child, dark,

Premium Member I Stand Here Now
I Stand Here Now

I stand here now...the winter of my life,
   amazed how fast its seasons quickly flew.
Just yesterday, those days were free...

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Categories: age, life, winter,

THE SEASONS - Iambic Pentameter - Blank Verse
Winter glows, it's drifts, it's plains, soft and white.
It's cold belies a threat to all, fear it!
It's there come night or day death don't forget!

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Categories: iambic pentameter, autumn, spring, summer, water,

Premium Member A Peaceful I Love You
An early outing for my friend and I
We walked the winding path down to the springs
The uncut winter hay is now waist high 
And in...

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Categories: beauty, i love you,

Premium Member Sarajevo Snack
Speak softly to the tune, it plays out in the night,
and never think that Sarajevo hasn't named the song.

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: betrayal, hate, world war

The white winter mist encases my lungs, 
Like the smoke of my last cigarette did; 
Sweet, soothing, real. But like me, not bitter.
For the longest...

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Categories: absence, angel, anger, beauty,

Premium Member Winter Storm
Winter Storm

Inside our warm and comfy bed tonight,
we'll see white sparkling flakes fly past the moon
and mounds pile up 'neath gold and silver light
where satin...

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Categories: storm, winter,

Premium Member Winter Solstice
Come, let us celebrate the shortest day
And longest night: midwinter, even though
The coldest times are still to come. We pause
For a brief moment, like the...

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Categories: new year, sun, winter,

Premium Member First Winter Poem This Winter
The last of first snow’s flakes are falling down.
Lush, rich heaps sparkle opal gems as crown.
Such creamy drifts of bright schemes beam with glee.
Fresh, pure,...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, snow,

Premium Member Monsieur L'Vampyre and the Dark Lady
Just south of Paris, lives the soul of me,
at my chateau, where few will ever see,
I'm compensated...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: horror, paris, passion,

Premium Member Fool's Gold
     Fool's Gold

     We cherish Autumn days when Summer goes...

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Categories: autumn, betrayal, life, seasons,

Premium Member Caressed By Vines
Caressed By Vines

Like tender loving arms, they wrap around
   old monuments of stone set on the ground;
those silent sentinels that stand their guard

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Categories: bereavement, grave, tribute,

Premium Member As Autumn's Breeze
As autumn's breeze prepares for fall's return,
tho still some summer warmth may overflow, 
the shortening of days signals the turn
to think about that season's golden...

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Categories: autumn, change, winter,

Premium Member Winter Olympics 1994
The nineteen-ninety-four Olympic games
were held in Norway that specific year;
the thing that I remember, shame of shames...
two women athletes made the news...oh, dear.

Named Tonya Harding,...

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Categories: horror, sports, winter,

Premium Member The Rose
The Rose

Dear Dad- I plucked a crimson rose that lay
upon your grave, as icy rain fell down
and joined my warm, wet tears that winter day.

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Categories: death, god, mystery,

Dark Night of the Soul
Inside each fearful soul there hides a song; 
Within the darkest night there shines a light;
The tunnel may seem endless, yet in truth 
The brightness...

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Categories: deep,

She Comes, Part Two
The drum, the drum, the Druid in the East
The daylight shattering the glass of night
Behold the mead and cake that form the feast
Behold the glorious...

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Categories: england, magic, mother daughter,

She Comes, Part One

For all the night she trod the furrowed earth
As she has walked all winter in her wake
In seeking for the child she brought to birth

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Categories: england, magic, mother daughter,

Premium Member Famous Last Line
Original Poem - Dreams Still Grow

Once I felt the warmth of balmy spring...
breathed deep the scent of blossoms, fresh and pure...
I thrilled to sounds of...

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Categories: age, inspirational, life,

Premium Member Cupid's Aim
Here are the hearts and roses I might send,
wrapped in a tapestry not meant to see,
depicting Cupid's aim, at...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cute love, muse, true