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Philosophy Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Philosophy Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Philosophy poems written by international poets.

Eleven Figures
By night eleven figures came to me
Unlocking doors that sealed shut long ago.
We travelled forward on a darkened sea 
To sleepy Somnus’ cave, hidden below.


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Categories: allusion, analogy, depression, dream,

Ode to a Guitar
Your tempered strings and true, O ancient lyre!
Harp-like, thy graceful template shall resonate
Within the hollow confines of my soul
Not tortoise and beech, but rather the...

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Categories: appreciation, guitar, music, philosophy,

Not Taller At All
Not Taller At All

There were birds in the garden. There were birds in the air. 
There were birds on the rooftops. There were birds everywhere....

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Categories: bangla, children, philosophy,

Falling Stars

We are all but falling stars
Shedding light across the sky
Nights inky canvas brought to life
Morning dew the joy we cry
Silence bleed the coming song

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Categories: faith, life, philosophy,

It Does Not Rain Everyday
We all know it does not rain everyday,
And Winter's cold does not forever stay.
The cloak of darkest nights always retreats
When dawn unfolds the sunlight that...

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Categories: life, philosophy, seasons,

Planes breaking like towers on 9/11
Is anyone in heaven labeled 7
Stuck in hell with a big gun on my belt 
Ready to fight my way...

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Categories: africa, christian, confusion, introspection,

In Dionysian sacrifice
I wish to write another song
to show my soul some dignity
which trodden was for ages long
by demons of antipathy
that all its joy 'pends not on...

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Categories: philosophy,

Premium Member In Response To My First Poem
See-Saws  -   (First Poem posted on PoetrySoup, 08/04/2014)

What playground does not hold the magic lure
of see-saws firmly braced upon their stands?
What child...

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Categories: life, philosophy, universe,

Premium Member Unredacted

The months, the years, the colors fade to gray 
And expedite the truth our minds betray. 
The changes feel so close, yet far away,
In languid,...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, assonance,

My How Time Flies
Since the elders often proclaim, my how time flies, 
You then naturally look up into the skies.
To study the heavens for at least one small...

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Categories: flying, philosophy, time,

Remember Me
words i use to fill a space 
to stir a feeling 
influence and excite 
like movements energy 
distance's footsteps make 
proven emotion stains memories past...

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Categories: philosophy, visionary,

As my Mother Slips Away
I called my mother the other day- just to listen to her voice
She answered dear Steve – yes this is me- how are you this...

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Categories: confusion, depression, faith, family,

Premium Member Lunar Madness
              LUNAR MADNESS
His thought; desire; that driving dream he knew;
so real within...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, angst, black african

Premium Member Inner Child
The child that lies inside of me
Being so blind that it cannot see.

That inner child refuses to grow
In growing, maturity, you show.

Baby steps, makes you...

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Categories: philosophy, child, child,

Your time has come, as taken is your breath,
your friend, your love, your only hope is...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, death, dedication, devotion,

Reality's Fear
Should I abandon reality's fear?
Open the sky and unlock it clear?
My little gold keys are all I can hear.
Imagination is a dimension,
That twists and warps...

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Categories: confusion, introspection, nostalgia, philosophy

Like a Rat

You stare at those loud faces,
Keep your voice low, talk slow and eyes low,

Put down your plate and eat with your back hunched,
You would get...

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Categories: philosophy

Look left to my sorrow
Full of blood and tears
Full of sweat and pain
Nothing is ever clear
Look right and see my fury
My hatred towards my...

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Categories: angst, confusion, death, life,

You told me you had high hopes for me
But I'm just a regular guy
You act as if it's entirely my fault
That I like to cheat,...

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Categories: confusion, death, friendship, introspection,

The Core of Life
For we are but the cast of cradles and
The calm conclusion of our fragile lives.
Our roles are set, in this, the gorgeous land,
By our conception,...

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© Aaron Crow  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: philosophy