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Welcome Home Poems

These Welcome Home poems are examples of Home poems about Welcome. These are the best examples of Home Welcome poems written by international poets.

Welcome Home
A million stars shine,
as I stroll this black dirt lane,
they welcome me home.

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Premium Member Bunnies Welcome Spring
As a kid I had three bunnies,
they were free I paid no moneys.
It was Easter time,
I had won them and they were all mine.
I had...

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Categories: home, animal, child, dad, easter,

Daddys home
mother spat 
theres too much chat 
inside playing ball
swinging  the bat 
childrren scurried 
nervously sat 
why do you bicker
behave like a brat
your fathers the...

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Categories: home, family,

Welcome home dear

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Categories: home, appreciation, blessing,

Premium Member Home

Home is the place your soul can dance
To be yourself and take a stance
In safety, freedom and peace
A place you're welcome to release
To make it...

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Categories: appreciation, home, peace,

Premium Member Funny New Years Resolutions For 24
Quote By Poet "The pen is the tongue for many writers."

Welcome to the new twenty-four,
I am laughing on the floor.
Pen you need to change,
tongue you...

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Categories: home, fun, humor, new year,

House versus Home
It aches me to see
The different dynamics.
How other families work.

Watching a friend
Speak openly
Into the space around them,
For everyone to hear.
Their usual calm
A bubblying excitement.

It aches...

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Categories: home, emotions, feelings, how i

A place like home
I've been kissed by ghosts a thousand times
searching for people hidden
an aged magazine
filled in voices of shadows 
blind fingers
chaotically touching the third eye
retain silence
screaming my...

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Categories: home, emotions, faith, love, true

Premium Member Love
The sun starts it's day peeking over the blue horizon, 
bright lights will shine on the blue sea. 
What a way to welcome another a...

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Categories: home, beach, bird, blue, kiss,

Leave Mean Comments To Yourself
Why can't people let me be
So I can raise my family
In the way that I see fit
I don't like being told one bit
How I am...

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Categories: home, child, growing up, happy,

Premium Member Welcome Home by Max Burchett
by Max Burchett

Been so long,
You have been gone.
Missing you, so wrote this song.
Welcome back home.

I know you had to go.
What you had to do.
Now it...

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Categories: absence, death, home, life,

Premium Member Welcome Home
When I met the tall and amiable Vietnam War veteran,
my shyness showed,
yet, my throat dried and tightened when he softly
spoke the words, "The war never...

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Categories: home, 8th grade, 9th grade,

There is a house built out of hope.
Bruises and cuts made from holding on tight to the rope 
where life happens to tug one way...

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Categories: home, anxiety, depression,

Premium Member Footles-Welcome To the Neighborhood
The Neighborhood
all trees
eyes please
The Neighbors
help out
act out
The Birds
they’re free
to flee
The House
barn red
The Driveway
steep high
blue sky
The Squirrels
mouse gray
spry play
The Tree
old bag
sights flag
The Flag
The Wind
The Moss

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Categories: animal, bird, home, nature,

Premium Member Chapter 83 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: the Adult Excursion
The day after the mutiny incident:
DJ again pitched his idea. 
He gathered the Older children 
Again, "Okay everybody we have
To make up to Dad Ma...

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Categories: home, 11th grade, 9th grade,