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Rhyme Halloween Poems

These Rhyme Halloween poems are examples of Halloween poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Halloween Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Helzabob met Mister at the Door
Helzabob had her own ways of tweaking spells a tiny bit
She unleased some monstrous concoctions on her sister.
Helzabor created creatures who danced, twirled, and sometimes...

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Premium Member Eerily Goes Night
who then rings
thy solitary bell
whose voice cuts through
the mist

and lowly darkness
winter’s eve
there far off 
screaming fox

when unseen eyes
then look upon
from trees that hide
in cloak

and footsteps

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Categories: dark, fear, halloween, horror,

Premium Member Her Incantation
Curly red-haired witch had incantations that flowed into the night
Her familiar, an owl, watched them float up and out of sight.
What are you trying for?...

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Premium Member The Rumor of Tomato Head
We had heard of tomato head, of course.
Many thought it was a rumor spread by a horse.
Black Beauty was particularly fond of such lies.
I watched...

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Premium Member no big surprise
Three chubby short stubby snorting gnomes came into the field.
They held a skeleton, a cauldron, and a jack-o-lantern from our yield.
Give that Jack back! I...

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Premium Member Halloween at Hogwarts
Being a parsel-tongue, I knew I was Slytherine, of course.
Dressing in scales and slithering would give it away though.
So I dressed as my patronus, seventeen-hands...

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Categories: halloween, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member staring into my witch's cauldron
Soil with sabrino, boil with babinoes white
Fire of witches, fire with switches bright
I gaze into your depths, feeling amazingly light
Wondering what dish you will bring...

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Premium Member gray cat mother ghoul
the wind blew in from the west, I felt it in my breast.
colder than the wind from the east, like a witch’s kiss.
Hallows Eve! A...

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Premium Member familiar gives witch the eye
October vamp was practicing her drama
Reading a book given to her by her mama
Perfecting her laugh, her giggles and her cries.
Her black cat gave her...

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Happy Valloween!
Roses are red, goblins are green
Just like my buddy, Frankenstein
Well, it’s February fourteenth
And I don’t have a valentine
So let’s declare it Valloween
And now, my love,...

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Categories: halloween, humorous, romantic, valentines

Premium Member October Pumpkin in Lemon Town
Faerie queen was debating about her metamorphous now
She wanted to be a butterfly, but could not figure out how
Just relax and let nature do what...

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Categories: halloween, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member Witch G Bawing
She eats her lunch while precariously balancing herself on a line
None of us clearly know why, but she tells us it keeps her feeling fine.

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Premium Member You Can Sure Tell it is Halloween
It’s a hippo!
It’s a flying boy!
It’s a teen!
Someone hollers with joy.

It’s smartly dressed.
It is so well groomed!
It is flying high.
Without a plane or broom.

You can...

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Categories: halloween, 3rd grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member Frightening Halloween Night
The mother could not stop screaming after her daughter was snatched.
Her son ran to their spaceship and locked himself inside the hatch.
Father ran after daughter,...

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Premium Member Witches Choose Their Familiars
We witches in training all chose a familiar.
It was the rule at the School of the Transvillar.
I chose a gray bat with a broken wing.

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