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Orchid Flower Poems

These Orchid Flower poems are examples of Flower poems about Orchid. These are the best examples of Flower Orchid poems written by international poets.

Ryokan translations of Zen Death Haiku
Ryokan translations of Zen Death Haiku and other Poems

First one hidden face is revealed,
then the other; thus spinning it falls,
the autumn leaf.
—Ryokan (1758-1831), loose translation...

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Categories: art, death, earth, flower,

Premium Member Strange Bedfellows
The avocado and the orchid
Together seem a little awkward,
But it has been stated
The two are related -
"Privately", so I am assured.*

*According to Mark Forsyth, both...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, fruit, men,

There Is a Wonder In Every Beginning
There is a Wonder in every Beginning
To sustain it till the end, that is the trick of Time,
Our Great Mistress,
Who Masters us, before we Master...

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Categories: conflict, flower, moving on,

Premium Member Fleur Fluency

My (bleeding) heart is filled to overflowing, 
To see any growing glad(iolus), garden glowing;
Each sun peached, (petunia) petaled delight,
Is frozen in precious moments of pure...

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Categories: beauty, color, flower, imagery,

Premium Member out of shape orchid

it bends it twist it
curves one way and the other
graceful conundrum

Date: 08/19/2019


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Categories: beautiful, flower, nature,

Premium Member beautiful yellow orchid
rattlesnake plantain
pretty sunny flower spikes
beautiful orchid


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Tennessee Flower
. for public domain

Passing memory of Mr. Williams

Choose to grow a single flower,
orchid, daisy, what you will.
Pot it in a wheel barrow,
and roll it up...

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Categories: flower, poets,

Upon a whim arising on this sunny springtime morn
hearing birds perform their songs at the crack of dawn
my knapsack packed already with a tasty picnic...

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Categories: beauty, flower, nature, uplifting,


Early spring crocus
Hardy purple pansies
Tall clusters of verbena
Vines of morning glory
Arabella clematis
Ornamental allium blooms
Lupinesque wild indigo
Slender wild hyacinth
Faithful canterbury bells
Dignified cattleya orchid
Vibrant effervescent cyclamen
Statuesque gladiola

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Categories: appreciation, flower, garden, nature,

Eden's Flowers
Eden’s Flowers
Aljim B. Lituañas

As the golden sun starts to rise
Brilliant flowers give its surprise
Fresh cry of weeds, O Morning dew
Good morning friends! O How are...

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Categories: environment, flower, happiness, hello,


Beyond this door
A lush universe
A burst of awesomeness
An exotic tropical world
Where rain droplets hover
For orchid blooms high and low
A proliferation of vivid blossoms
Each unique intricate...

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Categories: flower, garden, heaven, paradise,

Premium Member proud

and standing tall
orchid of blue

posted on August 18, 2018

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Categories: blue, flower,

a walk in the park
spy many pretty flowers
sweet orchid blossoms

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©2018...

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Categories: beautiful, flower,

Love my own Medicine: God Loves Me
 Does God make slightly reject people?
We may think so, but He never did
Quite apart from Mephibosheth, lame prince, son of Jonathan,
In hiding when Saul...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, appreciation, flower, giving,

Premium Member Spunky Monkeys and Madrid Orchids, OH MY
Have you ever heard of the Monkey-Face Orchid?
             They are common in the...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, nature,

Premium Member The Flowers In My World
Red soft velvet, forever in my mind,
purple and blue, every color of the rainbow.
White to near black emotional displays,
their meanings hidden in the multitude of...

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Categories: flower,

Premium Member Kiss Of The Sun

Like the rarest, most beautiful orchid
your exotic nectar's so addictive

I unabashedly crave its essence

like the flower...craves the kiss of the sun.

Written Feb.13, 2018
For -...

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Categories: flower, beautiful, beauty, emotions, feelings,

Fantastic Flora Masquerade
Creeping creepy creepers, the crawling trellis
jutting out of everywhere
snaking through country and metropolis
twisting turning in floral bliss
but more like snakes that hiss
But in quietude feign...

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Categories: abuse, environment, flower, garden,

Orchid Dream
Edward Clay
Jan 1991

Black Orchid at night silently screams
at the approaching day.
The spider hearing this cry pauses
In repairing its web.
While a caterpillar counting its feet

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Categories: flower, imagery, night, sad,

A rose for all the daffodils
In rows by our new house

A flower for everything you bake
(I’ll cherish everything you make)
((And kiss the flour from your...

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Categories: cute love, flower, happiness,