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Lilac Flower Poems

These Lilac Flower poems are examples of Flower poems about Lilac. These are the best examples of Flower Lilac poems written by international poets.

Rain Dance II
May is warm, 
 energetic, enticing and embracing
 singing rhythmic rhyme, melancholic melodies of spring;
in a change of weather flowing on the wispy neck of...

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, rain, spring,

Premium Member Lilac Lily

As the spring zephyr ripples in my lawn, 
I see the dance of the dulcet spectrum
on petals of lily unfurling with the touch of dawn,...

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Categories: analogy, flower, love, spring,

Premium Member If I Were a Bouquet
If I was a bouquet, I would be full and bushy with purple and lavender flowers.
Violets, lilac, white baby’s breath, fuchsia crepe myrtle, pink knock-out...

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Categories: flower,

Premium Member Language of Flowers
Snake’s head, pitcher plant, Lady’s slipper orchid, and the corpse flower
Four of the strangest flowers, but not the contender for queen of the rare.
That honor...

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Categories: flower,

Premium Member Winsome Wisteria Sonnet
Winsome Wisteria Sonnet

Eden, open your ardent arms to grace 
Wisteria's soft lilac petaled blooms 
Draped stunningly about Spring’s sunny face 
In softest shades of lavender...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, flower,

Premium Member Cursive Curtsies
Cursive curtsies
greet your yearning
heart, unfurling
again after
winter's burden,
like a garden's
first crocus, a jolt
to the senses.
Lilac leaps from
pickwick stripes rising
from dormant burrows,
no longer afraid
of uncertain skies.
Invited pigment

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Categories: devotion, flower, garden, lost

Premium Member A New Paint Job
I wish I could repaint the environment,
I am weary of the present colour scheme,
I have lived far too long with its embodiment,
I have ideas for...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, appreciation, blue, color, environment,

Premium Member let there be color
mother taught me about gardens ...
        all winter she would ponder ...  and make plans

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Categories: flower, garden,

Premium Member When Vivid Clouds Descended
After hiking on the trail one day, I was making my way back,
Immersed in balmy thrills of summer, and the sunshine attack!

Birdsong was in my...

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Categories: beauty, color, fantasy, flower,

Premium Member spring lilacs

delicate lilacs
erase shadows of winter
violet bouquets

March 27, 2021
Checked Syllable Count with


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Categories: flower, spring,

Premium Member Kiss Of The Breeze
 Butterfly rhythms playing on silent wings
 To the verdant refrain of springtime strings

 Iridescent dance of the dragonfly
 Waltzing with the wind beneath azure...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, spring,

Premium Member Tongue Tied By Spring's Splendid Scene
Sultry scents saturate spring's splendid scene,
forsythia mists, flavored freshness foreseen.
Lover's lilac blooms boom youthful as green.
Lattice lace drapery veils Anne the Queen.
Hyacinth's honey sweetness sifts...

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Categories: beautiful, creation, earth, flower,

Premium Member Bird Of Paradise

             the day you brought me a Bird of Paradise,

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Categories: bird, flower,

Premium Member Lilac Lily
"The flowers dance to the music of ecstasy, in your dreamy eyes I see me glow" - By Author

As the spring in the air ripples...

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Categories: analogy, beauty, flower, longing,

Premium Member Breath of Spring
Inhale ballets of swaying spring fragrance.
Perfumery leaps upon warm breezes,
swirling her into spingtide's guided dance~
gentle caresses, romantic teases.

Soars of bird encores sing, fresh wings flapping,

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Categories: creation, flower, garden, happy,