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System Education Poems

These System Education poems are examples of Education poems about System. These are the best examples of Education System poems written by international poets.

On Starting College
You’re taking a step into the future,
A new phase in your life is about to begin;
Life won’t be easy,  not to start with,
Just remember...

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Africa is very rich continent in the World
But many Africans die daily in Mediterranean sea  
Sad to see how natural resources are robbing daily,  

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Categories: 12th grade, africa, education,


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, community, education,

Premium Member The Campus Experience, Post-Covid Report Card

 I. Self-Reporting Section
   A. FEELINGS Engendered on a Daily Basis

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Categories: education, humor, judgement, language,


        flashes of atavistic plurality
           saves us timelessly

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Categories: allusion, appreciation, education, extended

One of my year-long sophomore subjects will be physics. At first, physics seems to be a menagerie of big, boring universal ideas and immutable laws...

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Categories: crush, education, growth, school,

Our Education System
1.Nisab students ki dilchaspi aur caliber kay mutabiq hona chahiye.
2.Nisab to the point aur gair zaroori mawad say Paak hona chahiye.
3.Bemar mazoor aur gareeb students...

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Categories: education, books, career, change, class,

I never learn my way to beat the very best 
For it could get my mind derailed in life's pursuit 
But I try to beat...

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Categories: education, 1st grade, addiction, art,

this one bought them in
"La Marque Ultime"
In reference to future
we have collaberated to bring forth a Union of
companies who in the interest of pro Wrestling
and Great Entertainment, have United...

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Categories: business, education, humanity, music,

As one keeps traveling
As one keeps traveling, 
One keeps marveling;
Little cause to be sniveling, 
Still less to be driveling 
For the stupendous much one had seen; 
Not anymore...

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Categories: education, adventure, age, allegory, crush,

Premium Member Roots and Blossoms
Earth's organisms patriotically
and yet matriarchally wise
wonder if both of these could be true:

1. Poverty and prejudice breed violence.
2. Capitalism and patriarchalism feed conflict.

If so,
is the...

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Categories: earth, education, health, peace,

Premium Member Hey you

Hey you!

Yes, you.
Quick message
on the down low
so maybe not quick enough.

We need to keep us
under the WWW algorithmic
pulsing predative patterns
for suppression,
lack of positive impression,
unproductive repression,

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Categories: culture, earth, education, environment,

the dragon
There are men (fair knights) who always get what they want.
If suddenly, Mr. Knight doesn’t get - say, a girl (the fair maiden) - he’s...

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Categories: analogy, character, education, lost,

Premium Member Marrakech and Bangladesh
     Marrakech and Bangladesh
       My recall's not that fresh...

     On to...

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Categories: education, memory, school,

Premium Member ComPassion That ReConnects
the Why 
of my prayers,
deep learning anticipations

Music of Integrity
throughout compassion's timeless
walking wounded prayers

Felt inside Win/Lose violent history
of uncivil suffering
of Either/Or non lullaby

Discord rooted and stuck...

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