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Rhyme Depression Poems

These Rhyme Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Depression Rhyme poems written by international poets.

(Euthymia - meaning well, meaning soul or emotion. life energy; feelings and passions; desires and inclinations; and thought or intelligence)

Freedom from the internal narrative
Eradicates the...

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Categories: depression, america, angst, anxiety, beautiful,

Seven billion people
Fourteen billion faces

We do a million crimes
And leave no traces

With lives our captured
Like the flowers in vases

"May the world remember my name
Even after...

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Categories: depression, analogy, birth, care, death

Inferno sad
Inferno sad 
By: Christopher Nickles 
Forced to watch as she goes 
Punishment of actions, he knows 
The heart crumbles as it falls 
Stuck and trapped...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, emotions, sad,

Seldom smiles Golden teeth not of gold
To speak the Unspeakable lies
For my misery in my pains retribution
To speak to the unparalleled wise
Can truth be told


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Categories: depression, analogy, anxiety, confusion, deep,

Why Fear Jesus Is Here
Why Fear?  Jesus Is Here!

God hasn’t given us fear, 
but a sound mind.
His faithfulness to us stands
 the test of time.

He didn’t bring us...

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Categories: america, depression, emotions, faith,

The Mask
The Mask

She smiles, just with her mouth,
her eyes are feeling pain.
She says she’s fine, okay,
but in her heart it’s rain.

So hard to just get up,

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Categories: depression,

No Control Of Your Freedom Mental Health vs Coronavirus
Anxiety and depression force into your life, 
you’ve no control no solution or answer, 
it just breaks your stride fall nose dive 
caught up in...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, depression, mental illness,

The glimpse of me
When I look at my reflection,
I see is such a rejection,
I just want to see a glimpse of perfection,

(I was inspired by prosopagnosia. Although it...

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Categories: confusion, depression, how i

A Mother Always
My heart aches everyday,
The memories n my head are on replay, 
I go through pictures of all of you,
It has been a rough year we...

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© Mari Deem  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children, cry, depression, emotions,

I....I, I
Limp over the pins 
of misfortune
I....I, I
Crawl over the razors 
of losing
I....I, I
Stumble through the mazes
of reason
And I suffer through the reasons
I’m using

I....I, I

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Categories: addiction, depression,

Premium Member Tears Never Die
I lie awake most nights,
just staring through the ceiling.
And soon it comes in sight,
that same old empty feeling.

No matter where I roam,
I find the truth...

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Categories: depression, sad,

Frustration a feeling that's like friction,
Such a feeling of constricting conviction,
There is no way of avoiding its restriction,
This results in you feeling such damnation,

Frustration, the...

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© Sarah Cope  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, cry, depression, emotions,

You Know Where

Well you’re rusty
From not moving
Your body getting hungry
fuel it up on a Sunday

You’re getting busy
Getting down to nothing
Did you miss me last night

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Categories: anxiety, depression,

Premium Member Sure looks bleak
I am so greatly concerned
  that I may just get burned
by this raging Corona virus
  My home state's in crisis  

Illinois, home...

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Categories: depression, farewell,

The pain
Life is so full of wonder and pain,
Those rare moments of pure joy.
Sometimes the pain can drive you halfway insane.

The rain in my life just...

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Categories: bereavement, death, depression, emotions,

Premium Member By Hook Or By Crook
I am that lone wolf
Coming by with that look
My inner mind in a shelf
That horrid stare I took
I must save myself
By hook or by crook


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Categories: death, deep, depression,

Translation: Ich have y-don al myn youth
Ich have y-don al myn youth
“I have done it all my youth”
(anonymous Middle English poem)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I have done it all my...

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Categories: depression, desire, longing, love,

Translation: Ech day me cometh tydinges thre
Ech day me cometh tydinges thre
"Each Day Three Tidings Come to Me"
(anonymous Middle English poem, circa the 13th century AD)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch


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Categories: angst, anxiety, death, depression,

Feeling like I can’t and you can
Cease to steady, my own hands
Trying to please, for affirmation
Seeing no potential in my creations

Knowing the result before beginning...

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Categories: depression,

spare change
spare change

he takes shelter in a cardboard box
old newspapers for a bed
threadbare clothes rumpled and dirty
a concrete pillow for his head

picking up used cigarette butts

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Categories: caregiving, depression, men,