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Love Depression Poems

These Love Depression poems are examples of Depression poems about Love. These are the best examples of Depression Love poems written by international poets.

Changed man
I've made some mistakes but they only helped me to grow 
I allowed you to see some things I didn't want to show
I was on...

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Categories: deep, depression, emotions, encouraging,

Premium Member Remember me my love
Remember me my love

When darkness has come...
descended hard upon you...
When your mind is weary,
so weary... from the strain

When your heart is heavy,
and you're down on...

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Categories: dark, depression, encouraging, i


Life has changed we live in fear 
Stay safe take care are all we here  
The lockdown has started but when will it end

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Categories: conflict, dark, death, depression,

Its not you
I saw a girl, just like you.

She looks just like you.
Beautiful just like you.
Smart just like you.
Sophisticated just like you.
Wonderful must like you.

Falling in love...

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Categories: death, depression,

He told her
She was a gift,
A timely offering
From the universe,
A universe 
Ruled by a sadistic god
Holding a compass 
In his cruel hand

The god pierced the...

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Categories: addiction, depression, destiny, lost

Things ain't that good
 mankind tells me just 
where is the Brotherhood
 I know that your policies your politics are not anything like the...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, confusion, depression,

[More paraphrase than translation of a Post WWII Korean jazz ballad by the Kim Sisters, sung mournfully as if for an Asian gangster film noir.]



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Categories: depression, desire, introspection, memory,

My mind is a maze
Constantly lost and in a daze
I had a realization one night
There is nothing after this life
This life is all we have

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Categories: depression, absence, anxiety, appreciation, atheist,

Premium Member Stagnation
By: Tom

I can’t seem to concentrate on thoughts constructive,
when impending solutions, appear skilled guessing.
When tickling my ears are more things so destructive,
too much bad news...

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Categories: angst, depression, environment,

Vanessa pt1
Smoking and drinking what the hell were u thinking ? 
Theres No food on the table , the lights always blinking 
We ain't got cable...

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Categories: addiction, anger, depression, drug,

Dear Mom,
I may not say it
May not speak the words
Breathing life into their meaning
That doesn't mean I don't tell you
Misery written into my brow
After another harsh...

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Categories: dark, depression, family, hurt,

Friday of March 2019
It was a Friday when I first encountered a panic attack. I was sitting still and then I wasn't. I could feel my heart cracking....

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Categories: depression, anxiety, blue, crush, dark,

Premium Member Thank You Coronavirus
Thank you, coronavirus, I can’t sleep
Thank you, coronavirus, I can’t dream
Your smiles are memories I cannot sweep
Your global tours helped boost your self-esteem

Day by day...

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Categories: depression, hope, lonely, longing,

This is where I say goodbye
My dating experience isn't the best 
I have no romantic skills to lay out to rest 
I wear my heart on my sleeve 
Cupid shot...

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Categories: depression, abuse, betrayal, break up,

why love india only
state unleashed terror against muslims
such was delhi violence
why love india only?

state leaders burned muslim homes
as communal project
such was delhi violence
why love india only?

state turned into...

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Categories: depression, islamic, murder, patriotic,

Premium Member Elasticity
When guilt 
collides with my pleasure
and pain is too hard to measure
Escape is the elastic tether
that accompanies 
my sensual physical bender

Tock tick tock
my emotional drop

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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, lust,

Demolished by Love
Demolished by love
Demolished by love

My doors have been rattled
My cage has been rocked
The vessels are no longer
Moored to the dock

Thank you, love

My streets are abandoned

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Categories: analogy, angst, conflict, depression,

Premium Member Dreams of Naught
This part

the debut

of my golden era

So many years

of labor from

but a child


The senses fade

Waterworks rush

to precipitous edge

as I study the fall

and its consequence

My eyes are...

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Categories: depression, emotions, fate, loss,

Premium Member The Shattered Heart
The heart aches with pain of betrayal...

Trusted thoughts, secrets, desires were handed over delicately, hesitantly, carefully…

To the gentle healer…

Full of kindness, tenderness, gentleness...

The secrets of...

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Categories: depression, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken,

How did my Nanny know of the horrors that went on in our home?  Was it the palpable fear in my eyes, or her...

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Categories: depression, abuse, angel, anti bullying,