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Slow Car Poems

These Slow Car poems are examples of Car poems about Slow. These are the best examples of Car Slow poems written by international poets.

Premium Member An Old Nincompoop from Madagascar
An old nincompoop from Madagascar
Bought a jalopy and entered NASCAR
  He avoided the crashes
  Drove around all the smashes
Too bad he bought a...

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Heat Lightening
Heat Lightening
by Michael R. Burch

Each night beneath the elms, we never knew
which lights beyond dark hills might stall, advance,
then lurch into strange headbeams tilted up

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Categories: car, crush, desire, love,

I can't Imagine my Life Without
I can’t imagine my life without it.
How could I be there,
If nothing I could do without it
I could not be anywhere.

The idea of such a...

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Categories: car, 12th grade, america, appreciation,

I cannot live without my car
On the road I can move with speed
Without a road my life is blue 
But as I move, I proceed
Down this road to somewhere new...

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Categories: car, happiness,

Premium Member UZB 752
So stately behind the wheel
That old Cortina could have been a Rolls
The engine chugged
To the beat of your heart
Slow and steady
Making the drive home last

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Categories: car, dad, memory,

A bad combination
My message is solemn.

When driving, don't text

or you will be next

in the obituary column.

To long stay a driver

don't drive and phone either.

For many a merchant...

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Categories: car, for teens, health,

Sunset Car Ride
Sunset car rides are my favorite
The wind in my fur makes me feel free
This time with my boy, I savor it
How much better could life...

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Categories: car, dog,

Premium Member Driving Dilemma Pickle

I got myself into quite a pickle
when sitting my driving test,
My nerves were making me jumpy
but my instructor said just try your best

The examiner looked...

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Categories: car, humorous,

Premium Member Too Late
We slowly drove he knew no haste
Not a grain of urgency did he have
My watch told me that we were late
Of all the days to...

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Categories: car, death, funeral, humor,

I drove home from a party one winters night
I'd had quite a few drinks but I felt alright
It was pouring rain as I approached our...

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Categories: car, death, drink, family,

Premium Member My Dear On The Ridge
There was a dear who had a ridge that she perched from
It was where she felt welcome 
Below there was a road 
Where cars must...

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Categories: animal, autumn, car, death,

Desperation fuels Go Fund Me campaign
Desecration, desertion, designation,
yours truly doth poetically dislodge
destabilization, destination, description 
I auto deftly, but did not dodge 

regarding destitution, hodgepodge
comprising 2009 Hyundai Sonata
wheely tired to noodge,...

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Categories: car, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Car Service
I drop off my car in anticipation,
That it doesn’t require, complete restoration.
‘You’ll have it by two’ the young lady said
Then I am told it’s five...

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Categories: car, humorous,

The Good Life
Running the 95 from Jacksonville to Richmond
On a Sunday afternoon in June
The thermometer and the road signs read the same
Sunny and hot, the miles were...

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Categories: america, car, family, food,

Just told it
He became cold,

advantageous amp-

...ready endearment. 

steady slow.

.storage hiatus. 

!styled simple storage study.

!=your inertia....

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