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Black And White Poems

Black And White Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of black and white poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for black and white.

New Poems

Who's who at the zoo
Anacondas crush to pieces
Bisons sport long shaggy hair
Cheetahs are the fastest species
Dolphins leap into the air
Elephants have large incisors
Fennec foxes, ears like Spock
Great white sharks unnerve the divers
Hyenas are laughing stock
Indris is a type of monkey
Jaguars are fast and strong
Kangaroos...Read More
Categories: black and white, animal,
Form: Abecedarian

Love Letter From The Soul LVIII

As pre-dawn makes her mark
and daylight shadows emerge 
reflecting off the shimmering sea
there is no time to waste

beauty pinned tight inside restful eyes
shut to the races of the world
black and white
black and white
pedal pushed lullabies
off into her night

notes serenade a...Read More
Categories: black and white, love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Gypsies

Across a misty channel
Sensor fingers
Through foggy, silent waves
Where two souls embrace
In expeditions of speechless discovery
Two minds stand naked,
Face to face,
With wordless words
Each knowing the inner rhyme 
Of another soul –
Intimate outside skin and limbs.

Across the barriers of minutes, hours, months
Two...Read More
Categories: black and white, friendship, metaphor, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Sound Of Old Legends
Digits tap dancing across lands of black and white;
tip-toeing taps across keyboard 
of an old saloon upright.
Sounds of crescendo eco across the plains,
of a dust-laden old ghost town.
Saloon girls and cowboys sashay
within swirling breezes
and I hear their distant laughter.
fingers tapping...Read More
Categories: black and white, appreciation, music, poems, poetry, song, sound,
Form: Free verse
Looking Out From My Arctic Home
Here in the Arctic land here I stay
the coldest climate found anywhere
though in recent years it's warmer
makes one wonder feeling change of air

This brings these humans over here
always click clicking in my direction
you would think I was a real beau
up...Read More
Categories: black and white, beautiful, bird, nature,
Form: Rhyme


Tiny gangster

Greatest showman of the all

Budding flower

Both open yet closed

To what is meant to be

A city without parks or tree's

A black and white 

3D modern day television

With supersonic fibre internet connection 24/7

Trapped inside a spider's webb
complete with all the trimmings

Chock...Read More
Categories: black and white, slam,
Form: Free verse
Jesus Loves the Little Children throughout the world
Oh! Jesus Christ loves the little children of the world.
Red, yellow, brown, black and white, he loves them
with all of his might.  Jesus blesses the little
children every where in the world.
Every little boy and every little girl.

Oh! whether they...Read More
Categories: black and white, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Lyric
Premium Member 'Pages in Time'
In recollections-
of my life's journey, thus far
the tattered pages flutter
     in my mind, snapshots  . . .
black and white and color, drift- 
faces, glimpses of places.

And I stand trembling-
as wind takes my tangled hair
I walk...Read More
Categories: black and white, grief,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Old Photographs
A photograph in black and white
can excite my heart's pert rainbow
with emotions that reignite
sweet love feels lived decades ago.

Sentimental tears feel not woe
but nostalgia held weepy tight
and stirred deeply by a photo
in black and white that hugs me bright.

... CayCay
February...Read More
Categories: black and white, appreciation, childhood, deep, emotions, family, love, nostalgia,
Form: Lay
The Glow
My heart is bleeding but no blood is dripping
My spirit is crying but no tears are flowing
The trees are moving but the wind is not blowing
A low feeling came over today that led my spirit astray
It rocked my emotion and...Read More
Categories: black and white, career, celebrity, character, cheer up, deep, emotions,
Form: Narrative
As I look at nature, it’s sure delight,
because what I see is a lovely sight.
Can’t you hear the birds take flight?
daffodils sway to the left and to the right,
Eagles soar, with keen and good eyesight. 
fish swim, in ocean such...Read More
Categories: black and white, appreciation, love, nature,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Paul Jackson Pollock

Condense versions that affected the times,
Immense variants that scoped his pleasures,
Florence immersed unravel a mentor,
Propense expounds at immortal measures.

Paul J. Pollock, painter, from Wyoming,
Haul labeled abstract impressionist art,
Gall at pouring, splashing, horizontal,
Call, was his ardor, loved beyond his heart.

Drip technique...Read More
Categories: black and white, art, character,
Form: Lento
I'll take the gray canvas
I'll take the gray canvas and paint it, 
To make life Shine a hundredfold. 
Every day I will decorate with a palette. 
I will weave pearls of rewards in them. 

I'll go through memory like a rainbow, 
Paint a black-and-white...Read More
Categories: black and white, memory, pain, poems,
Form: Blank verse
2:22 AM
I changed the words up because the original is too disturbing for readers on here. Still, read with caution - there are some words that are unsettling. Thanks for choosing this poem to read. 

Me of
Fun times…


Clock chimes…

2:22 AM…

I'm gay
Yet...Read More
Categories: black and white, addiction,
Form: Free verse
Untitled 2

My dear Mother Nature, please make things fine. Not as they are. But I know that is a fool's question. I accept what happened. It was a story, awfully true. A person I knew did the ultimate sin. We weren't...Read More
Categories: black and white, absence, abuse, angel, angst, anti bullying, memory,
Form: Free verse
There was nothing much to offer in her time of black and white,
working through the daylight, and sleeping through the night.
She used to live that style of life then watched it fade away.
Now she's working through the night, and sleeping...Read More
Categories: black and white, image,
Form: Lyric

Dark Heavy
Fading Relaxing Shading
Colorless Night | Day Colorful
Innocenting Radianting Shining
Bright Light
...Read More
Categories: black and white, art, color, dark, day, light, night, senses,
Form: Diamante
Do, re, mi
Do you still remember me?
I sat in front of my piano, wondering where the voice was coming from.
And I pondered, oh I pondered,
Who are you? And what do you want?

I heard nothing.
Not a single breeze of wind had...Read More
Categories: black and white, 11th grade, growing up, life, lost, memory,
Form: ABC
Premium Member 1970 Seemed Modern to Me
Orange paisley in the seventies prancing in my mind
Twisted up with lemons and avocados, fruit colors
Also shown in mushroom canister sets and Tupperware

On equal footing stark straight black and white stripes
Proving we are in a new age with additional freedom
I...Read More
Categories: black and white, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Familial Condition

Disgruntled, they come to me as bit-parts
ripped from black and white movies. 
Mad aunt Anastasia, who should have been a nun.
One of her hands will not touch her,
the other has been carried off
by wolfish priests.
The Holy Ghost has pickled her...Read More
Categories: black and white, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Parable and the Penguin

All the world a stage
Our love not left on a shelf
Waters edge, in spades

Written in stone, ring
Waddle waddle kind of swing
Will you marry me

As we take the plunge
Into the depths out of blue
Our ceremony

Is a slow walk, true
Is a path...Read More
Categories: black and white, beach, beautiful, best friend,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Blowing Bubbles
If she had to cross the rubicon for lack of sorting colours

	A Rubik’s cube remained an unsolved puzzle

If numbers granted her the wish to live another happy day

	Sudoku would refuse transformation from a maze

If chess could move to manifest the...Read More
Categories: black and white, courage,
Form: Free verse
Curriculum vita in a perfect suit for the over emphasized job,
overwritten obituaries by all means towards the career to the top.
Artificial titles painting in phrase the landscape of the desire,
everybody loves a piece of paper with their name to admire.
Experts...Read More
Categories: black and white, 12th grade, confidence, confusion, corruption,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Oh Laura, Oh Laura Are You Okay-Inspired By The Film Terror In The Crypt
Oh, Laura oh Laura 
Are you okay?
 Karnstein’s are falling I must say 
Terror in the Crypt is the film on the moving image strip. 
Spells are in gear and Laura you have much to fear 
There is this dapper...Read More
Categories: black and white, beauty, daughter, evil, family, magic, mystery, star,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Idle Fire
Idle Fire
(A poem of 2 voices)
By LoLa

We were poor kids
(Hands intertwined; undefined)
I’ll never know her pain
(Out of sight; but still on her mind)

We had 5 dollars for gas
(Take me away; far far from here)
We burned time as it passed
(Cut into...Read More
Categories: black and white, absence, abuse, addiction, anger, angst, anxiety, depression,
Form: I do not know?