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Best Thickens Poems

Below are the all-time best Thickens poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of thickens poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Enmity
The Enmity
Seeking justice is the only way you knew how to protect us.
As a juvenile delinquent I was too young to recognize it.
I am always...

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Categories: thickens, feelings, history, identity, poetry,
Form: Light Verse

Death Comes Swiftly
Look into these eyes, these eyes show no mercy
Like flesh ripping off my skin, I scream
I shout the names of those I do not know

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Categories: thickens, death, life, losspain,
Form: Rhyme
Mesmerizing flutters and flourishes
gracefully blow on the wind
drifting, creeping  and crawling up and down my back door
I see you hit the  pane
slide a...

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Categories: thickens, adventure, art, imagination, life,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Midnight Milkshake
Sunset cooks with jelly bean colors,
powdering Earth with burnt sugar.

A bittersweet butter cream cresent 
chip rises crusty from the dough of dusk.

Out pops lollipop moon...

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Categories: thickens, candy, fantasy, imagination, moon,
Form: Free verse
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 10
“Clap your terrible wings, vivacious serpent of old!
Imagine my plight as dangerous as your spite,
Stomp your clawed feet on these prison floors,
Peace shall always follow...

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Categories: thickens, adventure, confusion, growth, imagination,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The VORTEX
Closer and closer to the vortex
I spin wildly, madly 
So out of control
Body and soul
Clutching at anything and everything
Knowing I’m being suctioned

My breathing quickens
My pulse...

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Categories: thickens, psychological,
Form: Free verse
You appear in my sleep like Freddy to dissolution my dreams

You pose as kryptonite to my Superman; if we were a movie, you would be...

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Categories: thickens, betrayal, celebration, confidence, courage,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Rapture in Raindrops

These eyes watch the fierce rain
passing through
as earth moves, vibrating once more
my being shakes again
sensing you
somehow, yes- stronger than before

This heart, the beat quickens
with each...

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Categories: thickens, emotions, longing, love, passion,
Form: Rhyme
Snip away the flesh.
Blood spits
on the unforgiving floor,
soaked in,
to the point where the tile bursts-
soul helpless, gas exposed 
and the poison kicks in-
running through the...

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Categories: thickens, girlfriend-boyfriend,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ghost Writer
Like anything
There are two edges to this sword
The ragged one has, for now, cut too deeply
The reality of its cleaving
And the intent of the hand...

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Categories: thickens, analogy, introspection, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Free verse
from the very depths i always feared
a rising chill sears itself to my soul
i’ve no need of water
i deny myself no longer
comfort in the sweet...

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Categories: thickens, angst, anxiety, depression,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member A Bawdier Charles Dickens
Yesterday I swear I saw Charles Dickens
His quaint style today would take a lickin' --
   So he's changed up the Dodger

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Categories: thickens, books, character, humor, identity,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Jacob Marley
Scrooge encountered the ghost of Jake Marley,

    While slurping his bowl of blah barley.

       From thence,...

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Categories: thickens, christmas, humorous,
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member The Winter Storm
Pelting glass, coming down; 
how it thickens, on the ground.
On the window pane; tap…tap; 
larger ice, now, it will rap.

The misery of a sleeting storm;...

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Categories: thickens, poems, poetry, storm, weather,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member The Idiom and the Oddity Part 1
I must apologize, This piece is quite lengthy,
but it was inspired by Homer's epic story.
  I hope you like it.

The Idiot and the Oddity...

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Categories: thickens, satire,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Summer's Breath
A warm breeze gently lifts the white voile
I watch it dance from across the room where I lay
Half awake, and recovered from yesterday’s toil 

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Categories: thickens, happiness, introspection, joy, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Murder Sets The Stage
Paula Swanson 

An open book of mystery,
invites me in alluringly.
Time to turn the page.
Following as the plot thickens,
this is where my heartbeat quickens.
Murder sets the...

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Categories: thickens, mystery,
Form: Tail-rhyme
The Agony
It was all heat and sweat. Controlled
anger and subdued agony.
Driving themselves beyond known limits.
Pushing bone, sinew, and muscle.
Expanding capability, while honing ability.
Intimacy with a few...

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Categories: thickens, autumn, football, strength,
Form: Free verse
Multiplier and large blooms
Colors varied and depend on the soil ph
Hardy plants are hard to kill 
Blooms all spring and summer
Until frost, you delight me

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Categories: thickens, faith, nature
Form: Free verse
Cry Africa

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Categories: thickens, africa, war,
Form: Prose Poetry
A Grand Carlyle Residue via 1989
Stymied synergistic stoolcumers synchronized
of gifted glib galb garbage run of mouth
nicotine rings of one night 
no promise quickly spilled
ever taxed gestured pocket
pool. tandem coulpling random...

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Categories: thickens, change, character, culture, emotions,
Form: Free verse
The Fog Rolls in
The fog rolls in surrounding me,
My hand before me, I barely see.
A heaviness as moisture clings to the air,
Ghost like shadows from trees that are...

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Categories: thickens, hope, introspection, christmas, me,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Loneliest Winter Day

December clouds are falling, 
falling into gray from a heavy sky 
of snowy tears as if newly widowed
brides in white are gathered on high
to bid...

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Categories: thickens, grief, sorrow, winter,
Form: Free verse
Earliest Spring Forest Blooms
Early spring flowers live hurried lives upon the forest floors.
As soon as the ground thaws, they peak forth their tiny blooms.
Alongside ponds and running streams...

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Categories: thickens, nature,
Form: Free verse
My Neighbor Birds
It all starts at around five thirty
And by six thirty the entire canopy 
Is awash with white birds flattering 
Or resting or just having bird...

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Categories: thickens, bird,
Form: Free verse