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Best Tacking Poems

Below are the all-time best Tacking poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of tacking poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member One Way Ships - Part 1
Flings and wings and rings rejected…
 Cupid’s arrows fly deflected…
“It clearly is too late” she signed, “to love, adore or pay me mind”

Penciled lines drew...

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Categories: tacking, lost love, stars,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Harbor Spring
A light wind gently rocks our sailboat as
breezes begin to pick up on the sun drenched dock. 
Cable wires rap and tap upon the mast...

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Categories: tacking, beauty, nature, ocean, spring,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Love Off-Sprung
  futures cavort below the horizon
  an expectant dawn glows, duly announcing the first born arrival
  tomorrow then forward smiles, feeling good

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, children, family, love, tribute,
Form: Verse
Premium Member On Brighton Beach
Tents of various colours in parade across the sands
It's summer time in Brighton as the sun beams down so grand

Families too many to mention, on...

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Categories: tacking, adventure, animals, family, holiday, nature, places,
Form: Couplet
Floating Cruise Ship
The cruise ship charged 
Whistleless at my sail boat
In a narrow channel
Between Islands 
Of The Salish Sea.

I was powerless with sails up
Tacking against a current...

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Categories: tacking, adventure, allusion, animal, boat,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Poor but Rich
I may be poor
But yet I'm so rich
I count myself lucky
And so privileged.

I have a roof over my head
And a warm cosy bed
To rest my...

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© Peter Dome  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, appreciation, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Waving by-bye
He clipped another one out of the news
The head on collision of Mr. Bob Hughes
Tacking it to his wall, he laughed to himself
Those trusting fools,...

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Categories: tacking, life, people, people, me, people,
Form: Rhyme
Her flawless beauty caught his eye
His head turned his heart followed
Skin of creamy translucency
Her body motion, he saw it flowed.

As a yacht upon the azure...

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Categories: tacking, humorous, heart, body, heart,
Form: Sonnet
Gone forever, the used ones
Never can it be set aside for future use
As food, fuel or money can be
Can it be stored like a pea?


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Categories: tacking, mother son, time,
Form: Rhyme
Garden Golden Glove Award
Garden Golden Glove Award
(Or should that be Globe?)

Just dropping by St. James the Fisherman Church.
There was Father Dave doing all of his usual landscaping
work. He...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, encouraging, inspirational,
Form: Couplet
Remembering a forgotten voice

I once heard a voice that can speak ever so quietly into the night

And while it was in a dream, it deepens to a...

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Categories: tacking, deep, love, voice, words,
Form: Free verse
The Passing
Through pink glasses aiming Northward 
Arctic lights and arrows quiver 
The city life drags the final sword 
As a sugar shack lilts with the river...

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© Alan Reed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, allegory
Form: Rhyme royal
A fat flouncy

A fat flouncy funky flunky house sparrow bobs and bows his way tacking like a clinker built  

dingy sailing across our sea of grass...

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© Peter Dorr  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, bird,
Form: Free verse
The Mutiny

Captain Bligh was his name,
he ruled his ship with an iron cane.
The Bounty was the ship,
sailing to Tahiti, via Cape Horn was the trip.
At Cape...

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© 38 Tango  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, history,
Form: Blank verse
Brewed Morning
screwed.bumped.bruised.fingers caressing a flossy silhouette which happens to be a cup of
brewed coffee.savoring its stunning richness while helplessly  drowned in sincere fondness
from its hypnotic...

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Categories: tacking, morning,
Form: Dramatic Verse
At Sunset
At Sunset

Moving out of my shell at dawn

As the moving steel swag into sunset

Muse at the reception ground

Pattering partying feet colliding

Eyes scouting for a flower

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Categories: tacking, dedication,
Form: Classicism
His FINAL Conduct
Ticking! Tacking!! Tic Tac!!!
Time is running, seconds passing by
Years going with nothing that counts
Greys are showing, almost ready to die

Ticking! Tacking!! Tic Tac!!!
Flashes of his...

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Categories: tacking, faith, forgiveness,
Form: Free verse
The Old Wall Clock
an old clock composed of several larger and smaller gearwheels 
hung on the wall; some teeth are worn or missing therefore 
the gears occlude poorly...

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© Su Ben  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, allegory, time,
Form: Free verse
Odyssey from Africa 11c
Chapter 11c (The Island Kingdom, continued...)

Every member of the party
Had their fill of roasted sea-flesh
All the dogs and Rosy also 
Wolfed down all that they...

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Categories: tacking, adventure, africa, environment, history, mythology, voyage,
Form: Narrative
Sometimes though not so often any more
I sail on winds of thoughts past distant shore
Tacking through the bluster hauling close

To use the dimming luster of...

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Categories: tacking, introspection, on writing and words,
Form: Sonnet

Swans -  eight white-sailed galleons

Bobbing on the choppy River  Boyne,

Without tacking, heading into the wind:

Flotilla -  organised,...

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Categories: tacking, animalsriver,
Form: Couplet
Nope Not Even A Brief History
Nope Not Even A Brief History...
About Month Named December

The Latin root (albeit - lo'
(mein lee) first two syllables
i. e. decem) - no
joking - translate to...

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Categories: tacking, creation, fate, january, meaningful, moving on,
Form: Free verse
leave us alone
why do you keep 
buzzing my world
why do you keep plucking my energy
your filling my void
tacking chances

your thoughts are all tainted
and are all thinned out...

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Categories: tacking, political
Form: I do not know?
I Seek The Uncensored Inside Scoop
Akin to a journalist (hoofing
NOT huffing on the beat)
heedful, mindful, and pain fully aware, bleat
me, asper caveats help me set sights
tacking within parameters of lawfulness,


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Categories: tacking, addiction, adventure, anger, care, environment, journey,
Form: Free verse
Will Not Receive My Backing
Will Not Receive My Backing

Trump will not receive any of my backing,
While from him are receiving a shellacking;
Total trouble make;
Being breath taker;
Sailboat turned over after...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tacking, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick